Everything you need to keep your pool clean and
healthy, all year long!


Pool chemicals are important to keeping your pool water crystal clear and safe to swim in. From bromine to chlorine, pool shock to algaecides and pool clarifiers, In The Swim delivers what you want and what your pool needs.

Chlorine & Bromine

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3 Inch Chlorine Tablets, Granular Chlorine, Chlorine Sticks and Bromine at our lowest prices.

Pool Shock

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Swimming Pool Shock treatments include Super Shock, Non-Chlorine Shock, & Spa Shock

Water Balancers

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Raise or lower pool pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness with Pool Water Balance Decreasers and Increasers.

Pool Algaecides

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Find Algaecide 60, Algaecide 50, and Super Algaecide for black, yellow, blue or green algae.

Pool Clarifiers

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Super Clarifier, Super Floc and natural SeaKlear Clarifiers are among the best-selling Pool Clarifiers.

Stain Chemicals

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Stain Free, Stain Away, and A+ Stain Remover are some of the most powerful Pool Stain Removers.

Natural Chemistry

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Metal Free, PhosFree, Pool First Aid, Pool Magic and other enzyme-based natural clarifiers and cleaners.

Chemical Value Packs

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Pool Chemical Opening, Start-up, Closing and Winterizing Kits for above ground or inground pools.

Chlorine Free Chemicals

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Nature 2 Cartridges, Pool Frog Mineral Purifiers and Flipping Frog lead the mineral-based pool sanitizers.

Water Test Kits

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As Low As $9.99 ITEM #401139
Taylor Pool Water Test Kits, Test Strips as well Saltwater Test Kits for both spas and pools.

Pool Cleaning Chemicals

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As Low As $17.99 ITEM #14128
SeaKlear, StainFree, Acid Magic and Filter Cleaners are featured pool cleaning chemicals.

Other Chemicals

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Specialty Pool Chemicals with more than one use like Fix-A-Leak, Mor Septic Tabs and Cell Protect.