In The Swim - Super Pool Closing Kit Up to 35,000 Gallons

Item No. 12097 | Manufacturer SKU: KWS350001AE
Item No. 12097 | Manufacturer SKU: KWS350001AE
In The Swim  Super Pool Closing Kit Up to 35,000 Gallons
In The Swim  Super Pool Closing Kit Up to 35,000 Gallons
In The Swim  Super Pool Closing Kit Up to 35,000 Gallons
Specially formulated pool winterizing kits will not stain or bleach vinyl or plaster pools! Pre-measured for your swimming pool up to 35,000 gallons. More Details

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Specially formulated pool winterizing kits will not stain or bleach vinyl or plaster pools! Pre-measured for your swimming pool up to 35,000 gallons.
  • Unlike chlorine-based winter kits that reduce the effectiveness of algaecide and other pool winterizing chemicals and can stain, bleach, or damage pool surfaces, Our chemical kits won't damage your pool during winter.
  • In The Swim winter kits include a slow-release winter floater filled with a powerful non-chlorine oxidizer.
  • Our unique winter pool floater removes carbon dioxide, one of the algae's primary food sources.
  • No staining, no bleaching... just clean, sanitary water. Kills micro-contaminants, algae and pathogens.
  • Includes pool winterizing instructions.
  • Pool water temperature should be at 65 degrees F or below before winterizing.
  • Not for use in winterizing pools using a biguanide based sanitizing system.
  • Make sure that the pool water is cleaned, balanced before adding the winterizing kit to the water. It is recommended to close the pool when the water temperature is less than 65 degrees.
  • Compatible with Chlorine and Saltwater Generation pools

Pool Winter Chemical Kit, Super - for closing pools up to 35,000 gal.

1 qt. Pool Winterizing Inhibitor
1 qt. Pool Winter Stain-Away
3 lbs. Chlorine-free winter pool shock
1 Winter Pool Floater - 4 lbs. "non-chlorine" winter oxidizer
1 Winter SorbTM, oil absorbent winter chemical sponge

Pool Closing Instructions

1. Clean the Pool

Clean-up next spring will be greatly reduced if the pool is thoroughly cleaned before closing it in the fall. Be sure to vacuum the bottom and skim the surface before proceeding to the next step.

2. Balance the Water

Balance the components of the pool the same way you would if you were maintaining your pool for the swimming season. All components should be within their desired ranges; add the appropriate corrective chemicals to bring levels into the required range.

3. Shock the Pool and Add Algaecide

Lithium Shock or Chlor-Free is recommended for shocking. Pool Shock can also be used, but is not recommended for vinyl liners because of the possibility of bleaching the liner In The Swim Algaecide or Algaecide 50 is recommended for preventative maintenance of algae growth over the winter months. Add the recommended dosage of algaecide and shock treatment while the pool filter is circulating the water.

4. Add an In The Swim® Non-Chlorine Winterizing Kit

To make winterizing simple and economical, we suggest one of the Winterizing Kits. Our kit comes complete with Winterizing Inhibitor, Winterizing Stain-Away, Chlor-Free Shock and a float containing a non-chlorine oxidizer. (Step #3 may be skipped if using a Winterizing Kit)

5. Lower The Water Level

Lower the water level in the pool to 4-6 inches below the skimmer. In The Swim® suggests taking all above-ground pool filter equipment indoors for the winter to prevent cracking from freezing water. In-ground pool filters require that the lines be drained, plugged and filled with anti-freeze. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions for protecting your underground pool lines.

6. Drain and Plug the Lines

Winter climate pools require the lines to be drained, plugged, and filled with anti-freeze, or blown out with high air volume. Above-ground pools can plug the wall fittings, disconnect the hoses, and remove system drain plugs. First, the valves must be closed. The next step is to drain or blow out the lines. Plug them with Winterizing Plugs. Proceed to fill the skimmer line with Anti-Freeze. In the spring, the Anti-Freeze can be vacuumed out or drained into the pool since it is a non-toxic formula. Be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines and instructions for protecting in-ground pool lines.

Place a Skimmer Guard into the skimmer to prevent costly damage from ice. The Skimmer Guard acts as an ice compensator and will prevent your skimmer from cracking once the rain/snow water accumulates in the skimmer.

7. Covering the Pool

Taking the time to correctly cover the pool tightly is the single most important step to opening a clean pool in the spring. Be sure to have a cover pump, connected to an outlet and a discharge hose, to remove rain water and snow melt.

Product Type: Pool Chemical
Chemical Type: Kit
Kit Type: Closing Kit
Pool Size: Up to 35,000 Gallons
Product Dimensions: 8.7" Width x 13.6" Length x 8.8" Height
Product Weight: 14.10 lbs.
Pool Type: Chlorine and Salt Friendly

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