Swimming pool covers for every need!

Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers for every need. Winter covers, safety covers and leaf covers for the off-season, and solar pool covers for use during summer.


Winter Covers

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Save Up To 20% OFF All Covers
Find the perfect fitting Winter Pool Cover for your inground or above ground pool and budget.

Safety Covers

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Save Up To 20% Off Stock Covers
Safely winterize and close your inground pool for the season with a dependable mesh safety cover.

Solar Pool Covers

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Starting At $1999 Item #400074
Our affordable solar blankets are available in round, oval, and rectangular for both in-ground and above ground pools.

Solar Cover Reels

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Solar Reels for In-Ground and Above Ground Pools - In The Swim Cover Reels

Liquid Solar Covers

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As Low As $2299 Item #70703
Liquid Solar Covers - Solar Covers for Swimming Pools

Alternative Solar Covers

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As Low As $2799 Item #70813
Solar Sun Rings and Solar Squares - 5'x5' panels with magnets, no reel needed!

Leaf Catchers

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As Low As $2699 Item #400525
Leaf Catchers serve as a back-up layer to winter or safety covers to prevent debris from entering a closed pool.

Closing Accessories

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Pool Closing Accessories and Winterization Supplies

Closing Kits

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As Low As $1899 Item #12095
Inground and Above Ground Pool Closing Kits and Chemical Value Packs save money and time on winterizing your pool.

Inground Closing Accessories

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Plugs, antifreeze, water bags and other accessories to make winterizing or closing your inground pool easier.

Safety Cover Hardware

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Brass Anchors, Springs, Installation and Removal Accessories. Cover tools & parts for pool safety covers.

Safety Cover Mate

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As Low As $11999 Item #400125
Prevent dirt, debris and sunlight from passing through your mesh safety cover with a Safety Cover Mate.

Solar Heaters

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Employ the free power of the sun to heat your pool with our solar heaters and save money on utility costs.