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Polaris Pool Cleaners

Shop Polaris automatic pool cleaners, including robotic pool cleaners, suction side cleaners and pressure side pool cleaners from In The Swim.

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About Polaris Pool Cleaners

Polaris is synonymous with quality and durability when it comes to pool supplies. As part of the Zodiac brand family, Polaris makes some of the best pool cleaners for in ground pools and above ground pools, and In the Swim carries these great pool equipment products at surprisingly low prices. Bring home the best in ground pool cleaner from Polaris. The Polaris Sport is a compact robotic pool cleaner that comes in different sizes with varying features including complete automation and programmable timing that clean the pool’s bottom, walls and waterline. Four wheel drive allows this model to move over and around any obstructions with ease. The Polaris Sport series is 90% more efficient than other models and reduces filter cleanings by nearly 70%. There are also power-side pool cleaners, like the Polaris 380 automatic pool cleaner and Polaris 3900 Sport. Using a booster pump, these pressure side pool cleaners doesn’t take any power from the pool’s filtration system. These pool cleaners also helps scatter pool chemicals throughout the pool by vacuuming in water, capturing the tiniest particles in built-in baskets and then propelling clean water out the back. Polaris also carries above ground pool cleaners like the Polaris Turbo Turtle and the Polaris 165 automatic pool cleaner. These pool cleaners are definite time savers and work across the pool bottom efficiently and into tight places to keep your pool sparkling clear. In the Swim offers the best prices on Polaris pool cleaners. Whether you need an above ground cleaner or in ground cleaner, make In the Swim the first place you look for great values.

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