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Salt System Parts for saltwater pools, including salt cells, sensors, electrodes, unions and more. Find OEM replacement parts for Auto Pilot, Aqua-Rite, Clearwater, Hayward, Nature2, Pentair, and Zodiac salt pool systems.

118 results

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Without your trusty salt water chlorinator working properly, no chlorine is created, forcing you to add granular and/or tablet chlorine to maintain minimum levels in the pool. There are many reasons why chlorine production may slow or stop in a salt pool; here's the top salt system problems and solutions:

Salt Chlorinator with Low Chlorine Output

  1. 1. Output level is set too low, turn up the dial
  2. 2. Salt Cell has scale deposits, remove and clean
  3. 3. Cyanuric Acid level is too low, add pool stabilizer
  4. 4. High pH levels, low alkalinity, add water balancers
  5. 5. High phosphate levels, add phosphate remover


Salt Chlorinator with No Chlorine Output

  1. 1. Low water flow, clean filter and baskets
  2. 2. Pool water is too cold, requires 60° F or more
  3. 3. Salt level in pool is too low, add more pool salt
  4. 4. Damaged sensors, salt cell or circuit board
  5. 5. Loose cable connections, or tripped GFCI outlet

Many problems with saltwater chlorinators are not faulty or damaged equipment, but just a simple saltwater pool part needed - trust In The Swim to have the right salt pool parts, delivered on time, for a fast DIY repair! If you have specific questions regarding your salt system repair, or want to verify the correct parts needed to make the repair, give our salt system parts experts a call! 1-800-288-7946.