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Pool Clarifiers Coagulate Small Particles to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

In The Swim pool water clarifiers work by causing fine dirt and debris particles in the water to coagulate into larger particles which can then be removed from the pool water through the pool filter system. This allows the pool filter to filter down to a smaller micron, increasing the pool filter’s filtration capability. In The Swim's pool clarifiers are available in an ultra-concentrated formula so you can achieve pool water clarity while using half the dosage rates of other swimming pool clarifiers.

How Do Pool Clarifiers Work?

Pool clarifiers act as coagulants; positively charged polymers are attracted to negatively charged particles such as dirt, sand and silt floating in the pool. These particles that are too small to be filtered are coagulated together into larger, more easily filtered clumps. After adding a pool clarifier to the pool water, your pool filter does the work for you, clearing the water until such a point that the filter needs cleaning.

Who Needs to Use Pool Clarifiers?

Pool clarifiers can benefit any pool owner who wants a sparkling clear swimming pool, with less visible particles floating in the water. Pools with large DE filters typically will not require the use of pool clarifiers as they can filter down to 3 microns, the highest level of pool filtration. Pool sand filters and cartridge filters however can pass particles of visible size, making your pool water sometimes look hazy, dull or cloudy. Pool clarifiers add clarity to the pool water, and are useful after spring opening, after algae battles, or as a filter aid to help undersized or poor performing pool filters.

When Should You Not Use Pool Clarifiers?

  • Do not add a pool clarifier immediately after shocking the pool as a high chlorine level in the water can destroy clarifiers. Wait until the chlorine level returns to normal to add any pool clarifier to the pool water.
  • Do not use a pool clarifier within 3 days of a previous clarifier treatment; over-dosing with pool clarifier can actually have the opposite effect, acting as a dispersant increasing water turbidity!
  • You should not use a pool clarifier if you have a DE pool filter. Polymer based pool clarifiers can potentially clog DE filter grids. Use a chitin based clarifier instead, like SeaKlear Chitosan Pool Clarifier or our In The Swim Ultra-Clear Natural Pool Clarifier.

Are Pool Enzymes also Pool Clarifiers?

Not exactly, pool enzymes are a natural product that can be used to break down and remove oils, dead algae or other non-living organic contaminants in the pool water. Enzyme pool products are often blended with clarifiers for a multi-purpose treatment, in products such as Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect, Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid, or SeaKlear Free & Klear, for faster pool water clarity. A key benefit of using pool enzymes regularly in your pool can help reduce the organic load in the pool water, increasing the efficiency and longevity of the pool sanitizer. Pool enzymes also clean your pool filter by removing oily deposits that make filtering less efficient.

Learn More About Pool Clarifiers

What causes cloudy pool water?

There are a lot of reasons why swimming pool water can go from clear to cloudy. Check out our in-depth article, Cloudy Pool Water Issues for potential causes of cloudy pool water and more importantly, how to clear cloudy pool water so your pool is sparkling clear again.

When should I put clarifier in my pool?

Need some tips on how to use pool clarifiers to clear your above ground or inground pool? Check out our Ulitmate Guide to Pool Clarifiers for more information and answers for common questions when it comes to pool clarifiers and pool flocculants.