CCH - Calcium Hypochlorite 2-5/8 in. Tablets, 50 lbs.

Item No. 400289 | Manufacturer SKU: 23220
Item No. 400289 | Manufacturer SKU: 23220
CCH  Calcium Hypochlorite 2-5/8 in Tablets 50 lbs.
CCH  Calcium Hypochlorite 2-5/8 in Tablets 50 lbs.

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Designed for use with the CCH Cal-Hypo Feeder, this tablet is 68% calcium hypochlorite and cyanuric acid-free so there is never any danger of over stabilization. These round calcium hypochlorite tablets are 2-5/8 inches in size and colored blue for easy identification and to differentiate them from other chemical tablets that might be stored at the same facility. This product also contains an exclusive anti-scale additive to improve feeder performance. Not suitable for Trichlor tablet feeders or floaters. The CCH tablet feeder wets only the bottom tablets with precision, as Cal Hypo tablets dissolve very rapidly when introduced to water.

  • Available in 50 lb. pails
  • Round, 2-5/8 inch tablets
  • Contains no cyanuric acid
  • Contains 68% Calcium hypochlorite
  • CCH Cal Hypo Feeder Must be Used

Product Type: Pool Chemical
Chemical Type: Shock
Active Ingredient: Calcium Hypochlorite
Container Size: 50 lb

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