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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Next Generation Robotic Pool Cleaners

In The Swim carries the best selling pool robots, including the Polaris 9550 Sport and Dolphin Proteus DX4 pool cleaners. See also Dolphin and our full line of Polaris robotic pool cleaners. Regardless of budget, size or shape of pool, or the amount of debris, In The Swim carries a pool robot to get the job done.

In The Swim has an impressive selection of the latest and greatest Aquabot, Dolphin, and Polaris robotic pool cleaners that are proven to remove even the most stubborn dirt and debris from your pool.

Robotic Cleaner Benefits:

1. Completely independent from your pump and filter system.
2. Efficient coverage patterns clean most pools in under 1 hour.
3. Filters your water as it vacuums, filtering up to 5000 GPH.
4. Programmable modes, auto shut-off and remote control.
5. Vacuums and scrubs all areas; floor, wall, stairs, tile line.

How Robotic Cleaners Work: Robotic pool cleaners have on-board waterproof motors that move the cleaner, and provide the suction for vacuuming. These low voltage motors are powered by the floating power cable, connected to the poolside Power Supply box. During operation, the wheels or roller tubes turn to drive the cleaner in any direction, while roller brushes softly scrub the surfaces. Vacuum suction draws dirt and debris through the filter, where it traps large leaves, silt and dust, for easy removal.

Installation: The best part about robotic pool cleaners is that they are plug 'n play right out of the box! Nothing to assemble, just place the pool robot in the water, and plug the floating low-voltage power cord into the power supply. Then plug the power supply into any 110V outlet and push the On button!

Aquabot, Dolphin, and Polaris robot pool cleaners are an excellent investment for protecting and maintaining your in-ground or above ground pool. While they tend to be slightly more expensive than other models, robot pool cleaners are very durable and provide exceptional pool cleaning for years, with minimal maintenance.

See the Polaris Cleaner in Action