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Poolside Accessories

Some pool essentials like poolside accessories include items around the pool for convenience and function. Outdoor clocks and thermometers, outdoor pool showers and towel racks. See also our collection of pool Umbrellas, pool and patio Furniture, pool Storage Solutions and outdoor furniture covers from our Backyard category. And from our entertainment pages, find floating LED lights, fountains and other ways to light the night around the pool.

Patio Umbrellas

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As Low As $99.99 ITEM #404552
Patio & Pool Umbrellas in different styles, sizes and colors. Residential and commercial grade umbrellas keep your swimmers cool in the shade.

Outdoor Furniture

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As Low As $19.99 ITEM #404206
Casual Outdoor Furniture, Firepits and Accessories for Pool & Patio Relaxation & Entertaining.

Pool Clocks & Thermometers

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As Low As $9.99 ITEM #401145
An assortment of outdoor pool clocks and pool thermometers designed to withstand the elements.

Outdoor Shower & Footbath

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Outdoor showers, towel rack and foot bath to keep your pool water clean and clear.

Storage Solutions

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As Low As Price reduced from $5.99 to $2.99 ITEM #404859
Storage, racks, and sleek trash receptacles to help organize your pool deck and store equipment.

Outdoor Entertainment

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As Low As $34.99 ITEM #78304
LED light shows, pool deck furniture, fountains and waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

Chlorine Floaters

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As Low As Price reduced from $9.99 to $4.99 ITEM #401142
Chlorine Floaters and Bromine Floaters to easily sanitize the water in any pool or spa.

Water Leveler

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As Low As $79.99 ITEM #409621
Poolside water level controller maintains the perfect water level. Connects to any standard hose.