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Pool heater replacement parts may be needed if your pool heater is leaking water, or is not heating the water. Use our exploded view of all interconnecting pieces to help identify hidden heater parts, and to aid in getting all the pieces back together - with none left over!

Gas pool heater troubleshooting starts with good water flow coming into the heater, and ends with good exhaust leaving the heater top. In between is an electronically controlled safety circuit that monitors ignition, temperature and water flow. A multi-meter is often needed to properly test electronic and electro-mechanical gas heater components.

Millivolt gas heaters are those with a standing pilot all the time, and electronic heaters have spark ignition or use a 'glow-plug' to light the burners. In both cases, getting the pilot assembly to light the burner tray is often the first troubleshooting task, once good water flow is established.

For pool heaters that fire-off reliably, but don't stay running long enough or shut themselves down early, high limit temperature sensors or a thermostat will often be the faulty heater part. Follow the troubleshooting guide found in the back of your pool heater's owner's manual, or more in-depth testing procedures found online for your particular make and model.

Remember that replacing some gas heater parts can be hazardous, as leaking gas can ignite violently. Gas pool heaters also produce carbon monoxide while running, which can be dangerous within an enclosed or poorly ventilated space.