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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Closing Kits & Winter Chemicals

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In The Swim Winter Pool Chemicals

In The Swim pool closing kits and winter chemicals are formulated to remain viable during long winter and spring months. For pools located in the snowbelt or for pools that winterize, the water is not being circulated, filtered or sanitized, which makes it easier to develop algae and stains. Our Winter Pool Closing Kits are sized the exact combination of powerful winterizing chemicals for fast pool start-up next spring. Other winter pool chemicals include Pool Antifreeze, and winter pool enzymes. 

Pool Winterization Kits

In The Swim Pool Closing Kits are pre-measured packs of winter pool chemicals, sized to fit your pool. Includes our powerful Chlorine-Free Shock, which won't interfere with the Winter Algaecide and Winter Stain Away treatment. Every winter kit also includes an oil absorbent sponge, the Winter Sorbâ„¢, and a chlorine free Winter Floater filled with a time release sanitizer for long lasting protection. Our pool winterizing kits have the right stuff to winterize your pool water, while protecting your soft and shiny pool surfaces with chlorine-free winter chemicals. 

Non-Toxic Pool Antifreeze

Pool Antifreeze is safe to -50 F - when using 1 gallon for each 10 ft of pool pipe, or much less if the pipes have been blown out or drained. Our non-toxic Pool Antifreeze can be poured into skimmers or with a funnel and hose, it can be fed into pool return lines or cleaner pipes. Safe for all pipes and hose. Pour on top of your skimmer plug to protect the skimmer well against freezing water. Non-toxic formula will not affect water balance and is safe for swimmers. 

Pool Magic

Natural Chemistry Pool Magic is a specially formulated enzyme blend that works in warm and cold pool water. We specifically recommend it for pools that have a history of opening up green each spring, especially for pools with mesh safety covers. Combats the fine silt and algae growth common with mesh pool safety covers. One treatment of Pool Magic Spring & Fall when closing and your spring opening will be so much easier. Also available is Pool Magic Spring & Fall + PhosFree, for pools with a history of algae blooms. 


The WinterPill is a concentrated enzyme formula packaged inside of a convenient floating ball. Just pierce the ball with the included push-pin, and drop it in the pool during closing. Slow-release of enzymes and clarifiers fight suspended matter, oils and organics, and prevents stains and algae blooms. Each WinterPill treats up to 30,000 gallons, and when used on smaller pools, you will be amazed at the effectiveness, when the cover comes off next spring.

Close your swimming pool the right way with quality In The Swim pool closing chemicals and winterizing kits. If you have any questions on any of our winter pool chemicals, call our pool winterization experts at 1-800-288-7946, or send me an email!