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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: In-Ground Pumps

In The Swim's Dr. PoolIn-Ground Pumps: Jacuzzi and Pentair pumps for in-ground pools are capable of higher flow rates to match larger filter flow rates and longer plumbing runs. In-ground pumps are also self-priming, which means they can lift water vertically, as most are installed above water level. In-ground pumps produce flow rates of 50-150 GPM; size to match your filter design flow rate and a range of resistance.

In The Swim offers a variety of trusted names in swimming pool pumps including Pentair, Hayward, Jacuzzi, and Waterway. No matter the size of your pool or the size of your budget, you’ll find the perfect match among our selection of pool pumps - the right pump for your pool at the right price for you.

In-Ground Pool Pumps:

  • • Accept 115V or 230V power for most 3/4 hp - 1.5 hp in-ground pumps.
  • • Accept 230V only on 2 hp + pumps, dual speed pumps and variable speed pumps.
  • • Available with 1.5” or 2” threaded connection ports, or with 1.5/2" unions.
  • • Available with single speed, dual speed and variable speed motors.
  • • Available as filter pumps, booster pumps and waterfall pumps.

Selecting a Replacement In-Ground Pump

The best replacement pump for your in-ground pool is usually the exact match of your current pump, or the same make, model and horsepower. This will make the plumbing and wiring line-up for easier connections, and also ensures that your pump flow rate will match the pool filter flow rate. The exception to this is when replacing a standard efficiency pump with a variable speed pump, dialed-in to match your filter design flow rate perfectly.

  • • After July 19, 2021, new or replacement filter pumps of 1.0 THP or more must be Variable Speed.
  • • Avoid up-sizing a pool pump, unless your filter and plumbing can handle higher flow.
  • • Different pumps have different flow rates, even between the same horsepower size.
  • • Consult the Pump Flow Charts, and your Filter Design Rate of Flow, or give us a call!

If you have any questions regarding selection or installation of a new in-ground pool pump, or any of our pool products please contact our friendly team of experts via phone or email. All swimming pool pumps are processed with fast processing and shipping, because we know you need a new pump fast!