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Pool Chemical Feeders

In The Swim carries a wide selection of pool automatic chemical feeders and floating dispensers to supply the perfect amount of chlorine or bromine to your pool for crystal clear water. Enjoy less guesswork on how much sanitizer to put into your pool and when to do it, with an automatic pool chemical feeder for your above ground pool or inground swimming pool.

Automatic Chemical Feeders

Automatic Chemical Feeders

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Hayward, Pentair and Sani-King automatic chemical feeders for inground and above ground pools.

Chlorine Floaters

Chlorine Floaters

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Chlorine Floaters and Bromine Floaters to easily sanitize the water in any pool or spa.

Mineral Purifiers

Mineral Purifiers
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Nature 2 Express, Pool Frog, and the Spa Frog are the best mineral purifiers for pools and spas.

98 results

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Pool Chemical Feeders and Dispensers

Pool chemical feeders and floating pool chemical dispensers are used in almost all swimming pools to dispense the right amount of chlorine or bromine for clear and sanitized pool water. Pool chemical feeders most commonly used, such as an automatic chemical feeder or chlorine floater, allow 1 inch or 3 inch chlorine tablets to dissolve at a specified rate, so you can manage chlorine or bromine sanitizer levels more easily.

Automatic Pool Chemical Feeders

There are two main types of Automatic Chemical Feeders that use tablets. In-line automatic chemical feeders are plumbed right into the pool’s return line. Off-line automatic chemical feeders connect to the pool’s return line via feed hoses and connection fittings. A popular in-line chemical feeder among pool owners is the Hayward CL200 In-Line Chlorinator - 9 lbs Chlorine Capacity. A popular off-line chemical feeder among pool owners is the Hayward CL220 Off-Line Chlorinator - 9 lbs Chlorine Capacity.

Floating Pool Chemical Feeders

Chlorine Floaters help maintain a consistent flow of chemical distribution as they float around the pool or spa water. Add chlorine tablets or bromine tablets to the floating chemical dispenser, close the lid, adjust the lower vents for chemical distribution amount, and place into the pool or spa water. Floating chlorinators or brominators ensure that chlorine or bromine sanitizer is being dispensed in the pool or spa constantly so you can have sanitary and clear water.

Pool Mineral Purifiers

A great way to help reduce chlorine demand and lower chlorine use up to 50% is with a Pool Mineral Purifier. Mineral purifier systems use natural minerals such as copper and silver to sanitize pool and spa water by eliminating bacteria and water contaminants. With a pool mineral purifier, you can reduce the chlorine sanitizer level down to just 0.5 ppm for a more natural and comfortable swimming experience.

Learn More About Pool Chemical Feeders

How do you use a pool chlorine floater or chemical feeder?

Choosing the right type of chlorinator and how to use it to effectively sanitize your pool water is key for proper pool water treatment. Check out our helpful article, How to Use a Chlorine Floater or Feeder for some tips on how to control the chemical feed rate as well as some insights on automatic chlorinator maintenance and repair.