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Entertainment: Poolside and Deck Entertaining Made Easier, More Affordable

Enjoy your patio, pool and outdoor spaces to the fullest! Throw parties, host gatherings, entertain your neighbors, friends and family, and show them your taste and style is second to only your passion of treating your guests to the best. Look to In the Swim for a wide variety of entertainment items to make your patio, deck and garden parties the most memorable and fun.

Whether your party starts in the pools, ends up in the pool, or has nothing to do with getting into the pool, there’s nothing like the warm glow and ambience a pool light creates, while shining under the water. The same is true for the simple, entertaining underwater lightshow fountain that changes the color appearance of water as it sprays gracefully in the pool. There’s even a Blue Tooth floating speaker and underwater light show to get the party started in the water or on land, and keep it going with your favorite tunes played from any bluetooth enabled device.

Sometimes a colorful, comfortable and interesting place to sit is the only thing you need to get an evening-long conversation started. The Twist illuminated stool is a modern-styled piece that uses LED lights for fun and interest while sitting back with friends. And there’s always that special afternoon or evening when your guests just want to be in the pool, which id where these The Pool Stool with LED light really shines. Fully submergible, imbibe your friends and family with a temporary bar in the pool and these stools provide a great, interesting place to sit. The Oro floating oval accent light is great for added pizzazz on, in and around the water. Use it on the patio, too, for great, weatherproof accent light near landscaping or furniture.

No matter if you’re throwing the biggest patio party the neighborhood has ever seen, or you want to enjoy a quiet, special evening outside with a special someone, In the Swim carries a wide variety of patio furniture and pool accessories that makes poolside entertainment fun, special and affordable.