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Quickly and simply find the perfect replacement Pleatco filter cartridge or DE Grid for your pool or spa by using any of of these three methods.

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Standard swimming pool filters have the problem of accumulating bacteria, mold and algae, which can cause odors and stains in the pool, as well as product deterioration. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the antimicrobial technology, Pleatco has designed their latest pool filter cartridges with antimicrobial technology in both the media and the end cap. Combining 100% polyester synthetic fibers with the antimicrobial technology allows the Pleatco filters to provide continuous antimicrobial protection season after season.

Antimicrobial technology is protection built right into solid products, coatings and fibers at the manufacturing stage. From consumer goods to industrial and medical products, antimicrobial technology can be found in products all around the world. Pleatco swimming pool filter cartridges with antimicrobial technology provide continuous protection against microbes and micro-organisms too small to be seen by the un-aided human eye. Damaging microbes like bacteria, mold and algae can double every 20 minutes, causing potential damage to your swimming pool as well as your health. Antimicrobial technology in Pleatco pool filters prevents these microbes from growing and reproducing by penetrating the cell walls and disrupting its function. With the Pleatco pool filter cartridges, this protection will last the lifetime of the Pleatco Premium Filter Cartridge.

Antimicrobial technology makes it easier to clean the swimming pool filter and begins working the moment microbes come into contact with the treated media filter surface, made of the highest quality bonded polyester material available. The amount of pleats impacts the effectiveness of the filter system and Pleatco filters meet, and usually exceed, original equipment specifications. The Pleatco core is not simply a piece of PVC piping with holes drilled into it like many other filters, rather Pleatco cores are engineered to deliver better water flow, enhanced filtration, and energy reduction by reducing wear and tear on the swimming pool pump.

Pleatco uses only the highest quality materials for their products, producing the best filter cartridges in the industry. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Pleatco pool filter cartridges with antimicrobial technology are the smart choice for pool owners who want the best filtration protection and the freshest swimming pool water.