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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: In-Ground Pool Filters

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Filters for In-Ground Pools

In-ground pool filters are essential pool equipment to remove contaminants and particles on a daily basis to keep your pool clean and crystal clear. A good pool filter makes a pool easier to maintain, and also helps ensure a healthy swimming environment by removing potentially harmful pathogens. In The Swim offers a full line of in-ground pool filters from Jandy, Pentair. The most popular filters for in-ground pools are found here, at affordable and attractive pricing.


Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filters are the best possible filtration method, removing particles of 2-4 microns in size. Filter powder is added through the skimmer to coat the DE filter grids, which is backwashed out and replaced every 3-6 weeks. In-ground pool DE filters include the Pentair FNS Plus DE filters. In-ground DE filters provide such effective filtration, you may be able to run the pump less and use fewer chemicals.

Cartridge filters use a pleated polyester cartridge that traps particles of 10-20 microns in size. Cartridge pool filters have a simple design with very few parts, and also have the lowest resistance or back-pressure of all filter types. In-ground pool cartridge filters include the Jandy CV filter and the Pentair Clean & Clear. In-ground cartridge filters are available in large sizes that can go an entire season between cleanings!

Sand filters use graded pool filter sand (or alternative media) to trap particles of 20-30 microns in size. Sand filters may be the easiest to operate; cleaning is accomplished by backwashing the filter every 3-6 weeks. In-ground pool sand filters include the Pentair Sand Dollar and Triton II sand filters. In-ground sand filters offer affordable and low-maintenance filtration for pools big and small.

How Long do Pool Filters Last?

Pool filter tanks can last for decades, but the filter media and other internal parts will wear out sooner. DE filter grids last the longest, perhaps 10 years. Filter cartridges will usually last for 3-5 seasons and filter sand can last for 5-7 years, both depending on how large the filter is in relation to the pool. In-ground pool filters on the larger side tend to have fewer problems and last longer than smaller, undersized pool filters.

Sizing an In-Ground Pool Filter

A large in-ground pool filter has many advantages like longer time between cleanings, faster clean-up of poor water conditions and longer lasting filter media. When buying filter systems for in ground pools, it is good practice to buy one or two sizes larger than indicated for your pool size. Buy the largest in-ground pool filter system you can afford - it's money well spent!

In-Ground Filter Accessories

  • DE filters will need to have a supply of DE Powder or Celluloseon hand to replace after each backwashing.
  • Sand filters need enough filter media - Filter Sand, Zeo Sand, FilterGlass, or FilterBalls to fill the filter tank.
  • Use a filter cleaner chemical once or twice per year, to remove scale and oil build-up that reduces filtration.
  • Shut-off valves, pump timers, backwash hose and more are found on our pump & filter accessories page.

If you have any questions regarding any of these inground pool filters from In The Swim or any of our pool supplies please contact our friendly team of experts via phone or email, and they will be happy to help you select the best inground pool filter, for you and your pool.

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