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Before you can jump into your pool and start to enjoy the swimming season, you need to prepare the pool by using the right pool start up chemicals that ensure that your pool water is clean, clear, and safe. The correct pool start-up pool chemicals will protect you and your swimmers by making sure that your pool is free of any potentially harmful contaminants. While this is an extremely important step to maintaining your pool, don't be worried because it is very easy to do when you use the pool start up kits from In the Swim. 

Pool opening kits from In the Swim come with everything you need to get your pool ready for the swimming season. While we offer a variety of different pool chemical kits, ranging from basic kits to ultimate kits, all of our available options work very effectively as a result of their powerful chemical components. Our kits contain chlorine-based shock, which is the most powerful type of shock available and will effectively eradicate bacteria and other microorganisms that have accumulated in the water during the winter. 

In the Swim's opening kits also contain stain prevention products, algaecides, clarifiers and Sun Sorb. Together, all of these components will cleanse and clear your pool water so you can enjoy a memorable swimming season in clean, healthy water. Also, our pool opening kits make pool openings very convenient, as all of the component chemicals are pre-measured to treat swimming pools of specific sizes. Pool opening instructions are also included with each pool start up kit so you can get your pool ready for swimming without any hassles or confusion. Let us help you successfully open your pool for another wonderful swimming season!