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Replacement parts for liquid chemical pumps, and chlorine tablet feeders. Search by part number or use the drop down menus, to view a schematic diagram, and parts listing. Find genuine OEM parts for Blue-White, Hayward, King, Rola-Chem, Pentair and other chemical feeders.

330 results

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Original equipment parts for pool chlorinators will keep chemical feeders from leaking and clogging, to maintain consistent and constant chlorine levels, for balanced and healthy water.

Pool chlorinators fall into two groups – tablet erosion feeders and liquid chemical pumps. Design and function have remained unchanged for decades, and repair and parts replacement tasks are simple.

Chlorinator Accessories: Peristaltic chemical pumps use large chemical vats or tanks for storing liquid chlorine, and chemical controllers to control pH, ORP and sanitizer levels. Chlorinator cap wrenches are available to fit feeders by Pool Frog, King and Pentair, for easier lid removal.

Common Chlorinator Parts: Chlorinator o-rings and gaskets are made from Viton, a chlorine resistant rubber and chemical pump feed tubes and chlorine hoses are made with chemical resistant polymer plastics. Other parts such as lids, dials and unions are made in shock resistant ABS plastic.

Chlorinator Maintenance: Clean and lubricate chemical feeder lid o-rings frequently with a Silicone pool lube to protect the o-ring and make lid removal easier. Replace off-line feeder hoses and fittings regularly to prevent leaking and clogging problems.