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The pool pump is the heart of the circulation and filtration systems, and when the pool pump is not working, nothing works! That is why we place a high importance on having a large inventory of pump parts in stock, even hard to find replacement pump parts. Get your pool pump back in operating condition fast to prevent problems with cloudy water, algae and bacteria.

The most common parts for pool pumps are pump lids, o-rings and baskets, followed by pump impellers and diffusers. Pump shaft seals are always popular, as they are quick to leak when a pump is run dry or from a water hammer effect of a valve suddenly closing. All pump parts can be easily replaced with simple hand tools, no special tools required.

Pool Pump Maintenance:

  1. Maintain good airflow around the pump by trimming bushes and overhanging trees
  2. Protect the pump from sprinklers, heavy rains, flood waters and storm surges
  3. Keep the pump lid lubricated and tightly secured
  4. Fix any air leaks on the suction side plumbing
  5. Empty the pump basket regularly

Pool Pump Troubleshooting:

1. Pool Pump Trips Circuit Breaker or GFCI Test Button

  • Check the motor wiring for tightness on both ends
  • Check that the motor shaft can spin freely
  • Check the motor capacitor for cracks or bulges, and capacitance

2. Pool Pump is Overheating and Shutting Itself Off

  • Check that incoming voltage is correct and steady
  • Check that water flow is not restricted in the system
  • Check that wire size is correct and wires are secure

3. Pool Pump is Pulling Air into the System

  • Check that pump lid o-ring is lubed, and the lid is (very) tight
  • Check that the incoming threaded pipe is sealed with thread sealant, and (very) tight
  • Check that water level in pool is normal, and nothing is blocking flow into skimmers

4. Pool Pump will not Catch Prime

  • Check all items in #3 above to find and fix any air leaks
  • Check for a clogged impeller by opening up the pump
  • Check for air leaks on the filter that cause water to drain down to pool

5. Pool Pump not Pumping at Full Volume

  • Check all items in #3 above to find and fix any air leaks
  • Check that pump basket is not full and that impeller is not clogged
  • Check that pump diffuser, diffuser o-ring and wear ring are intact

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