Provide safety around your pool!

Pool Alarms & Pool Safety Equipment

To help protect your family, friends and neighbors, In The Swim features a wide variety of pool safety equipment like pool fence or door alarms, to keep pets and children safe from the danger of an unattended pool. In-ground pool alarms and above ground pool alarms will alert you remotely if someone has splashed into the water without supervision or permission.

Inground Pool Alarms

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As Low As $129.99 ITEM #400963
Affordable inground pool alarms alert you if a person or pet enters or falls in the pool.

Above Ground Pool Alarms

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As Low As $149.99 ITEM #24414
Our user friendly, easy-to-install above ground pool alarms are an added safety and security feature.

Gate & Pool Door Alarms

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As Low As $74.99 ITEM #24388
Pool door alarms and gate alarms meet code to alert you when a pool gate or door is opened.

Inground Pool Fence Kits

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Affordable removable pool fencing meets all codes for inground pool safety fence.

Above Ground Fence Kits

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Above ground pool fence kits in 24" and 36" heights assemble easily to meet all fence codes.

Safety Pool Drain Covers

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High tech, affordable safety pool drains save lives and are critical to any pool with a floor drain.

Pool Safety Accessories

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Ramps for animals, safety lines and latches are among the best pool safety accessories available.

Pool & Spa Signs

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Commercial or residential pool and spa signs.

Drowning Detection Systems

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Featuring the Coral Manta 3000, a first-of-its-kind, 24/7 swimming pool alarm system.