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Why spend hours laboring over your pool when you could be sitting poolside instead? For over 25 years, Natural Chemistry has been providing smart products to simplify pool care. Natural Chemistry’s products work hard so you don’t have to.

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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Natural Chemistry

Why Enzyme Pool Treatment?

Treating your swimming pool with Enzyme based products has many benefits for the pool owner!

  • Removes oils and organics from pool and filter
  • Removes contaminants and clarifies water
  • Improves pool filter performance
  • Improves chlorine effectiveness
  • Prevents and removes pool stains
  • Prevent waterline scum and scale
  • Improves swimmer comfort

Chlorine alone is great at sanitizing and oxidizing, but does a poor job removing and breaking down oils and non-living organics. Enzyme pool treatment is a natural, simple and safe solution to remove the non-living organics from the pool water, and make pool care easier. Natural Chemistry enzyme products are non-phosphate products designed to clarify water, improve filtration, deactivate metals and prevent stains and scale formation.

Green to Clean + Pool First Aid

In addition to being environmentally friendly, these Natural Chemistry pool products also:

  • Reduce skin & eye irritation
  • Reduce Chloramine formation
  • Provide safe & comfortable swimming

Natural Chemistry pool water care products are designed to provide safe, healthy pool water for swimmers, along with your daily chlorine sanitizer. Chlorine is used to remove living organisms in pool water, while Natural Chemistry enzyme pool products remove the non-living organic contaminants. This is done naturally, by reducing them to their most basic elements, carbon dioxide and water. Natural Chemistry pool products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Natural Chemistry Enzymes

Natural Chemistry enzymes have been perfected over 30 years, and today's Smart-Zymes™ are better than ever. Enzymes are the natural and safe way to break down oils and non-living organics in the pool while preventing stains from metals and organic debris. Enzymes also clean your pool filter, naturally. Natural Chemistry offers a variety of enzyme-based pool treatments. Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect is the original pool enzyme formula, quickly joined by enzyme/clarifier blends like Pool First Aid, or Pool Magic + PHOSfree, and Pool Perfect + PHOSFree.

Natural Chemistry Phosphate Removers

Phosphates can enter a pool from many sources, and when phosphate levels exceed 300 ppb, we recommend PHOSfree, or a blend such as Pool Perfect + PhosFree, and Pool Magic + PhosFree, to remove phosphates from your pool water. Pool phosphates are a primary food source for algae, and if your pool opens green each spring, or if you deal with algae blooms every summer, you can test for phosphates, and treat with Natural Chemistry PhosFree, naturally.

Natural Chemistry Pool Stain Fighters

From the very beginning, Natural Chemistry has provided a way to deal with mineral scale and metal staining in pools, naturally. Natural pool chemicals like No Metal and Scale Free are phosphate-free sequestering agents that will prevent stains by keeping minerals and metals safely dissolved in solution. For all-natural pool stain removal, nothing is closer to nature than Vitamin C, which also happens to be an effective pool stain remover. 100% ascorbic acid, available in Natural Chemistry's Stain Free and Stain Free Extra Strength formulas. 

Other Natural Chemistry Pool Chemicals

Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner, is an easy pour liquid conditioner to protect chlorine from the sun's UV rays. Instant Conditioner by Natural Chemistry is a quick and easy way to add pool stabilizer to the water to increase the cyanuric acid (CyA) level, protecting chlorine from sunlight degradation.

Natural Chemistry COVERfree Liquid Solar Pool Cover Blanket, uses monolayer technology to trap heat in the pool, and reduce water evaporation. An invisible layer of natural polymers forms an invisible shield over the water surface to save heat and water.

Natural Chemistry Filter Perfect Pool and Spa Filter Cleaner, a natural enzyme based cleaner for all pool filter types. Removes oils, scum, and gunk of all types from pool filter cartridges, pool sand filter beds and DE filter grids. Natural pool filter cleaner is gentle but effective, restoring performance to your pool and spa filters.

Natural Chemistry Yellow Out and Green to Clean, are EPA registered chlorine accelerants, added to the pool just before shocking, to boost the potency and effectiveness of your chlorine pool shock, as needed for moderate to severe yellow or green pool algae outbreaks.