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About Our Inground Liners

In The Swim premium inground pool liners are made from the strongest, longest-lasting, 100% virgin vinyl and are available in a wide variety of rich, vibrant patterns. Select the perfect inground pool liner pattern to match your decor, download our printable measuring form, or use our online measurement form for a new vinyl pool liner for your inground pool! In The Swim's expert inground pool liner staff is happy to assist you with any questions or assistance you may need throughout the entire process of purchasing a vinyl liner that will perfectly fit your inground pool and deliver the look and fun you've been dreaming about.

How to DIY install your liner

Replace your own inground pool liner and save thousands of dollars, joining thousands of other handy homeowners who replaced their own inground liner.

1. Drain

Drain the pool completely, to a downhill location or storm drain. Remove all wall fitting and step screws and faceplates. Cut-up and roll-up the old liner.

2. Prep

Prep the floor and walls. Clean off the walls, sand and paint any rusty spots. Fill-in any cracks or divots in the floor with our Palmetto Vermiculite.

3. Install

With 1-2 helpers, spread the liner over the pool and lock the liner bead into the track at the top of the wall. Install main drain covers.

4. Vacuum out the air

Set-up the Cyclone liner vac, or large wet/dry vac to draw out the air from behind the liner, drawing it tight against the walls and floor.

5. Fill the pool

Run the vacuum until water covers the shallow end floor by 3-6". Screw on step cover plates and continue to fill the pool until full.

6. Finishing Touches

Install the skimmer and return faceplates and gaskets, along with the pool light ring and gaskets. Turn on the filter pump, and balance the water!