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In The Swim eGuides to DIY pool opening. Spring start-up tips and chemical care instructions for restoring pool water clarity.

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Pool Opening Guide

Pool Opening Guide

  1. Clean and sweep pool deck.
  2. Remove your winter cover. Be sure to clean and store your pool cover properly. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to close the pool in the Fall.
  3. Remove all the winter plugs from your returns and replace the plugs from your pool pump and filter including the pressure gauge and site glass.
  4. Open all the valves to and from your pool and start the filtration system. If you have a multiport valve, be sure to set it to “waste” initially to prevent more dirty water from circulating into your pool. Once the pump is primed, place the valve into the normal circulate position. Leave the filter running until clear.
  5. Clean your pool! Brush the floor and walls, skim the surface, and vacuum!
  6. Bring the water level back up to normal.
  7. Test the chemical balance and adjust accordingly including pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, & cyanuric acid.
  8. Shock the pool to kill bacteria.
  9. Add clarifier and algaecide. If pool doesn’t clear-up with initial treatment, apply floc via the directions on the bottle and vacuum with the filter set to “waste” after it settles.
  10. Reattach your pool deck equipment like ladders, steps and handrails.
  11. Open your pool officially with a cannonball!

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