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In The Swim eGuides covering cartridge, DE and sand pool filter types, and inground, above ground and variable speed pump information.

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Pool Pump & Motor Information

Pool Pump & Motor Information

Swimming Pool Filter pumps

The heart of your circulation system, your pool pump pulls water from one or more suction ports (skimmers and main drain), and pushes it through the filtering, heating and sanitizing equipment, and back to the pool through the wall or floor returns, pressure cleaners or water features.

The pool pump has the most important job on the pool equipment pad, because when the pump is not working, nothing else works either.

How Do I Know What Pump is Right for My Pool?

Contrary to selecting a pool filter, a bigger pump is not always a good thing. Unless you have been advised by a pool professional, or are otherwise certain that your existing pump was undersized, it would be wise to keep the same horsepower as you have now.

Different pumps produce different flow rates, even if they are the same horsepower. A 1hp Hayward pool pump will not produce the same flow rate as a 1hp Pentair pool pump. More important than matching pump horsepower, is matching pump flow rates. For instance, a 1hp Hayward Superpump is capable of 75 gpm, but a 1hp Pentair Whisperflo is capable of 115 gpm. This does not make the Pentair pump a ‘better’ pool pump, on the contrary, flow rates that are too high can damage your filter and piping, and result in ineffective filtration.

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