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In The Swim eGuides for those considering installation of a pool heater. Covering electric heat pumps, gas heaters and solar pool heaters.

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Inground & Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters

Inground & Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters

Extend the swimming season and enjoy more fun and recreation while getting the very most out of your pool. With the help of swimming pool heaters, you can start swimming earlier in the season and close your pool later in the fall. Swimming pool heaters raise and maintain the temperature of pool water, providing greater swimmer comfort. While there are many different pool heaters on the market, they all fall into three main categories -- gas pool heaters, electric pool heat pumps and solar pool heaters.

Although gas, electric and solar pool heaters all have the same purpose, they differ significantly in how they operate. Each type of swimming pool heater also has its own advantages to consider. Prior to purchasing a pool heater, it's a good idea for pool owners to have a basic understanding of the differences between the various available models. The information below outlines the way in which each type of heater works and the pros and cons that go along with gas, electric and solar pool heaters.

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