Unibead Pool Liner Installation Guide

Unibead Pool Liner Installation Guide

Out with the Old & In with the UniBead: Simple Steps for Installing a UniBead Pool Liner

When it comes to installing a new vinyl liner in an above ground pool, most pool owners base their purchase on the looks, the colors and pattern of the liner. However, there are different types of above ground pool liners available, and each liner type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Unibead pool liners are the ultimate in versatility since you can use it to replace an Overlap Pool Liners as well as Beaded Pool Liners. There are many pros of using UniBead Pool Liners (also called a J Hook Liner) for your pool. First, they are easy to install and ensure an even installation with printed waterline borders. Using a UniBead liner eliminates any need to use coping strips The only drawback can come from taking improper measurements. Following some simple steps makes installing your UniBead pool liner a snap, and ensure it is even all the way around your pool.

The first step is to take exact measurements of your pool before purchasing your new liner. Measure the pool wall height from the flat floor to the track or top of the wall. Measure diameter twice, using wall to wall measurements. Once you have your measurements and buy your new UniBead Pool Liner, your next step is to drain your pool and then remove the old liner. Make necessary preparations like removing any sticks and rocks from the pool floor, for rough surfaces install Liner Shield for a smooth floor. Tape wall seams clean the wall and liner track, or bead receiver. If needed, re-level the pool floor surfaces and then create a 7-inch angled cove against the pool wall with masonry sand or use foam wedge-shaped Pool Cove. This helps keep the liner from touching the rusty metal pool frame which could cause abrasions and eventually damage the liner. For very rough floors, you can spread a few inches of masonry sand or Vermiculite evenly over the pool bottom to create a smooth base. If you plan to add additional sand however, account for this in your measurements, as raising the floor will reduce your wall height and the depth of your new pool liner.

Step three is to bring your new pool liner into the middle of your pool and begin to pull the edges out toward the pool walls. Make sure to remove your shoes before walking on your new liner, and you should never forcefully pull or drag the liner. The new liner will be easier to work with if you lay it out under hot sun for a few hours before installation. The fourth step is to begin installing your UniBead Pool Liner. If you’re installing it as a traditional Beaded Pool Liner, make sure to remove the J-Hook by very carefully making a small incision along the UniBead tear strip just above the rectangular bead. Once the J-Hook is discarded, you can install the liner as a traditional beaded liner and fill your pool with water.

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