Removable Pool Fence FAQ

Removable Pool Fence FAQ

A removable mesh pool safety fence system is the easiest way to prevent unwanted intrusion of children, pets or stray animals. While easy to install and remove, the 4 ft tall, aluminum pole and mesh panel design can withstand over 200 lbs. of pressure. Swimming pool safety fencing is a popular method of adding additional safety for inground pools. Mesh fencing is quickly removable when needed, and rolls up for easy storage. Our content below is specific to the Cantar (GLI) Protect-A-Pool removable pool safety fence.

Can Mesh Pool Fence be used as secondary safety fencing?

A terrific use of mesh pool fence is to create additional pool fencing for the pool with a 3-sided fence (with the fourth side being the house). Depending on how your backyard is designed, many pools can be effectively isolated within the backyard with just a few of the 4’x10’ fence sections, to separate the patio from the pool.

Can I install the GLI Mesh Pool Fence?

Absolutely; many manufacturers have needlessly made the fence installation process complicated and requiring a pick-up truck full of unusual tools. The GLI Cantar Protect-A-Pool fence is the first safety fence installed with a Rotary Hammer Drill! No expensive, confusing and very cumbersome core drill needed. The average installation of 12 panels is completed in as little as 4 hours, by someone just like you! Full instructions are included with every order. Our fence tech experts are here to help as well. Should you have questions on the installation, please call our toll-free hotline at 877-POOLCTR.

How is the Pool Fence Removable?

Quickly and Easily. Simply squeeze the poles together gently at the top, and unlatch the stainless steel post latch. Pull the Super-Strong Poly-Alum fence pole straight up and out of the nylon sleeve. Each pole can be removed in a matter of seconds. The average 12 panel pool fence can be completely removed, by one person, in just 5 - 10 minutes, although most users keep the fence mostly installed while using the pool. For longer term storage, use the nylon sleeve caps to keep debris from the sleeve, and finish the look. Some customers use a mesh pool cover in the winter and the GLI Pool Safety Fence during the pool season.

Can I store a removable pool fence, or not use it for some time?

For longer term storage, use the nylon sleeve caps to keep debris from the deck sleeve, and finish the look. The sections roll up and stack neatly in a small location. The safety fence is quickly removable for pool parties or activities where temporary removal is desired. Other customers have used their pool safety fence only until their children were older (and wiser?).

Is a Mesh Pool Fence removable by Children?

No. Most children under ten years old do not have the height or the hand size to squeeze the poles and simultaneously remove the latch. The fence poles cannot be lifted up out of their nylon sleeves without first being unlatched at the top. The fence can also not be climbed, (keep tables, chairs or like items away from the fence, which may be used as an aid in getting over the fence).

Does the GLI mesh pool fence meet our pool fencing codes?

Well, we can't account for the pool inspector's mood, but...our fence meets most county and city fence ordinances, requiring a non-climbable fence of 4 feet in height, with a Self-Closing, Self-latching Gate, utilizing the available rigid gate, and the Magna-Latch pull top gate latch. Consult your local ordinance for pool fence interface to buildings, hillsides, hedges or other natural barriers.

How durable is the GLI Removable pool fence?

The GLI mesh pool fence is virtually indestructible. It will never rot, mildew, fade, peel or deteriorate. Ever! The carbonized strands of material form a fused web of interlocked polypropylene. Completely impervious to any weather you can throw at it.

What kind of decking do I need to install the GLI Removable Pool Fence?

You need a solid deck of at least 2 inches in thickness. It can be pressure treated wood or concrete. Interlocking pavers can also be used. If you need to cross an area of just grass, we recommend using a post hole digger to create a 12" x 4" hole that you can fill with bag mix concrete. You can set the sleeve into the concrete while it is still wet, and avoid drilling some holes.

What Tools do I need to install the GLI Mesh Pool Fence?

  • Rigid Tape Measure - to measure between holes
  • Marking Pencil - to mark holes
  • Straight edge 3 - 4 ft in length - to mark lines between holes
  • Rotary Hammer drill, 7/16" masonry drill bit - to drill holes
  • Drill Guide - to drill holes at proper angle, rent or buy
  • Hammer - to tap in nylon sleeves
  • Electric extension cord - to power drill
  • Garden Hose - to hose out holes and spray off deck

Note: The Cantar pool fence is now branded and sold as the GLI pool fence – same company, different name.

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