Foamy Pool Water



Several factors can contribute to foaming in pools:

  1. Soft water from low calcium hardness levels.
  2. High TDS levels.
  3. Lotions, oils and cosmetics.
  4. Cheap pool chemicals made with animal fats.
  5. Pool filters clogged with oils and minerals.
  6. Poor water balance.
  7. Low grade algaecides, specifically10% polymers.
  8. Tile cleaning chemicals containing phosphates.
  9. Use of aeration (air jets) in biguanide treated pools.
  10. Air in the system, from pump air leaks or cavitation.
  11. Practical jokers with a box of soap!

Correcting the above conditions can reduce or eliminate foaming. Chitin products like Sea-Klear can prevent or eliminate foaming from occurring. Enzyme products are also very effective anti-foam agents. The best solution for foamy pools is to balance the water and shock the pool to break apart the peptide bonds.

Anti-foaming agents are available, but these will not remove the conditions that cause foaming, they only temporarily inhibit the foam. Anti-foaming agents can contain insoluble oils, silicones, or certain alcohol formulations – in short, chemicals that are not desirable in your swimming pool.

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