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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Variable Speed Pumps

As of July 19, 2021, new or replacement pool filter pumps above are required to meet new minimum energy standards.

The new federal mandate is designed to reduce demand on the US electrical grid, by reducing the amount of energy consumed by swimming pool pumps. As an added benefit, pool owners will save collectively save millions of dollars per year. (This excludes pool cleaner booster pumps or waterfall pumps.)

In The Swim offers a variety of trusted names in Variable Speed (aka VS) swimming pool pumps including VS pumps by Pentair, Jacuzzi and Waterway. No matter the size of your pool or the size of your budget, you’ll find the perfect match among our selection of Variable Speed pool pumps - the right pump for your pool at the right price for you.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps:

  • Some accept 230V only, while smaller models will also accept 115V service.
  • Include their own on-board time clock and programming features.
  • Available with 1.5” or 2” threaded connection ports, or with 1.5/2" unions.
  • Available in large, medium and small sizes, from 1.4 HP to 4.0 HP.
  • Cool running permanent magnet motors stay cool and last longer.

Selecting a Variable Speed Pump:

The best replacement variable speed pump is usually the same model of your current pump, if it is also available in a VS model. This will make the plumbing and wiring line-up for easier connections, and also ensures that your pump flow rate will most closely align with your current pump. Avoid choosing a powerful VS pump (Intelliflo, Tri-Star, JVX300, Power Defender 270), without being sure that your filter and plumbing size can handle the top-end flow rates.

  • For small to medium size pools, a small to medium size VS pump is most appropriate.
  • Avoid up-sizing a pool pump, unless your filter and plumbing can handle higher flow.
  • Different pumps have different flow rates, even between the same horsepower size.
  • Consult the Pump Flow Charts, and your Filter Design Rate of Flow, or give us a call!

Maximizing VS Pump Energy Savings:

Installing a Variable Speed pool pump can save up to 70% on your electric bill, but that may not always be the case, if you choose a VS pump that is too large for your filter system, or if you run it on high speed all the time, or if your equipment and plumbing is very restrictive, small pipe size and with many turns and twists.

  • Remove unused or unnecessary equipment from the plumbing system.
  • Use 2" plumbing, sweep elbows, slide valves and large cartridge filters for less resistance.
  • Replumb to reduce the number of 90° elbows and small, restrictive valves, including multiport valves.
  • Optimize run-time by running on low speed 80% of the time, using higher speeds for cleaning or heating cycles.

If you have any questions regarding selection or installation of a new variable speed pool pump, or any of our pool products please contact our friendly team of experts via phone or email. All swimming pool pumps are processed with fast processing and shipping, because we know you need a new pump fast!