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Pool Plumbing Fittings

Keep your pool water circulation system in top condition with high quality PVC pool fittings, adapters and unions. Schedule 40 pool plumbing parts to repair drips and leaks, or when replumbing parts of the pool system, or adding new equipment. Lasco and Spears PVC fittings, in 1.5" and 2" sizes to fit most inground pool plumbing. See also our pool Filter Hoses & Clamps page for above ground pool plumbing parts and pieces. Or search unions for pump, pipe and heater unions and parts.

Pool Plumbing Tips:

  • - Glued PVC fittings must be clean and dry for a strong bond
  • - Remove burrs from cut PVC pipe, with sandpaper or cloth
  • - Dry fit all pieces together to be sure of measures and angles
  • - Allow glued PVC fittings 15 minutes of set-time before running the pump
  • - Threaded fittings must have thread sealant, Teflon tape and/or RTV silicone
  • - Use PVC cleaner/primer on pipes and fittings just before glue
  • - Use Fresh PVC glue, and coat both pipe and fitting just before joining
  • - Keep a rag handy to wipe up glue drips and runs

What size pool pipe do I have? If you are unsure, look on the PVC pipe for printed size information, or you can measure across the outside of the pipe, eyeballing the OD or outside diameter, and compare to the chart below.