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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Pool Opening Chemicals

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Pool Chemicals to Open Your Pool

Now that winter has come and gone and spring is here, it’s time to get your swimming pool ready for the swimming season. In The Swim has all the pool chemicals you need for a successful pool opening. Whether you are opening an above ground swimming pool or inground pool, we have the best pool start-up and opening chemicals to get your pool water clear, clean and safe for swimming.

In The Swim Pool Start-Up Kits

We’re here to make opening your swimming pool hassle-free, with our easy-to-use In The Swim Pool Opening Start-up Chemical Kits. Pool opening kits from In the Swim include everything you need to get your pool ready for the swimming season. Our pool chemical start-up kits contain a powerful chlorine pool shock to kill bacteria and control algae growth, non-metallic pool algaecide to treat and prevent many types of pool algae, pool clarifier to clear cloudy pool water quickly, pool stain inhibitor to prevent pool stains and scale, a sun sorb to absorb oils and scum, and pool test strips to check pool water chemistry levels. No matter what size inground swimming pool or above ground pool you are opening, we have a pool start-up kit for you and your pool!

More Pool Chemicals Perfect for Pool Opening

AquaPill SpringPill Pool Start-Up Pill will help make opening your pool in the spring fast with its all-in-one formula in an easy to use pill. One Spring Pill treats up to 30,000 gallons of water and is compatible with all forms of pool sanitizers including salt cell chlorine generator systems. Its concentrated 4-part blend formula provides sparkling clear water that’s ready for summer swimming.

inSPAration Pool Refresh Pool Water Moisturizer and Freshener adds a moisturizer to the water for softer feeling skin after swimming. In addition, it adds a clean smelling scent to the water keeping your pool water feeling fresh throughout the swim season. Add 5 ounces of inSPAration Pool Refresh per 15,000 gallons weekly or after each water treatment for moisturizing and refreshing swimming pool water.

Learn More About Swimming Pool Opening Chemicals

What chemicals do I need to open my pool?

It’s important to have all the right pool chemicals on hand when opening your pool so you can get your pool water ready for the swim season. Check out our Pool Opening Checklist for fifteen pool essentials to have on hand when it’s time to open your pool including pool parts, pool cleaning equipment and all the pool chemicals you need for a successful pool opening.

What pool chemicals do you add first at pool opening?

Looking for some tips on adding opening pool chemicals when you start-up your swimming pool this season? Check out our helpful Freshly Filled Pool Chemical Guide to learn about what opening pool chemicals are needed for a new pool start-up.