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More About Chlorine-Free Pool Chemicals

More pool owners are making the switch to chlorine-free pool chemicals. The smell and taste of chlorine can be off-putting to many swimmers and some people even have allergic reactions to chlorine. Some pool owners therefore prefer chlorine free pool chemicals to eliminate completely or greatly reduce the amount of chlorine in their pool water. Alternative chlorine-free pool chemicals use natural processes and nature's own chemistry to sanitize swimming pool water.

Reducing Chlorine Demand

The most effective way to reduce chlorine use is to add supplemental sanitizers. Ozone, UV Systems and Mineral Purifiers all allow you to use 1/2 as much chlorine, while enjoying an improvement in water clarity. Enzymes reduce organic load in the water and clean your pool filter, naturally. Pool Clarifiers and Pool Algaecides also can help you reduce the amount of chlorine needed on a daily basis, and further reduces the need for shocking. In most cases however, you will still need an oxidizer, occasional pool shock treatments, although chlorine-free pool shock can be used just as effectively in most cases.

Going Completely Chlorine Free

You can go completely chlorine free by doubling up on supplemental sanitizers. One such method is to use either an Ozone generator or UV system combined with a Mineral Purifier, like Nature2 or Pool Frog - and together they can manage almost all of your pool's sanitization needs. It’s of crucial importance when maintaining a chlorine-free pool to have proper water balance, a very effective pool filter, a clean pool, and routine weekly shocking with non-chlorine pool shock. Additional support can be found with natural Algaecides, Enzymes or Clarifiers if needed.

Aqua Silk Chlorine Free Pool Treatment

Aqua Silk is a simple 3-step pool sanitation system that is completely chlorine free, relying on powerful disinfectants used in hospitals and other places where sanitation is critical. In The Swim carries Aqua Silk, a proprietary blend of biguanide sanitizer, peroxide oxidizer and algaecide, sold in a convenient kit. You will still need to maintain balanced pool water, keep a clean pool, and run the filter long enough each day to maintain water clarity. But, you can say goodbye to chlorine forever! In fact, if you accidentally use chlorine in an Aqua Silk pool, it may turn a sickly orange color!