Zodiac Inground Pool Cleaners

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Zodiac in ground pool cleaners are known to be the most reliable and easy to use for pools owners. In the Swim carries several different types and models of Zodiac in ground cleaners, all priced at great values. The Zodiac MX6 suction side in ground pool cleaner is a compact, powerful system that works with variable speed pool pumps to vacuum a pool’s bottom and sides. Preprogrammed navigation and new in-flow technology make this in ground pool cleaner highly efficient. The Zodiac Baracuda X7 Quattro in ground pool cleaner is great for its simple design that is easy use and vacuums even in the most difficult spots. Its innovating rudder system provides superior agility while independent discs provide maximum suction. A new accessory for your Zodiac in ground pool cleaners in the Zodiac Cyclonic leaf catcher. It attaches to your Zodiac pool vacuum, trapping leaves and other large debris while preventing any suction loss. Find it and all your other Zodiac in ground cleaners at In the Swim where we always feature great prices and values.