Eco-Friendly and Natural Pool Chemicals

I just got back from a wonderful vacation in the Dominican Republic and among lush green trees, perfect weather, and divine food; what really got my attention was how clean the swimming pools were.

I love to swim but every time I come out of a pool, I smell like chlorine and even after I wash the swimsuits, the smell seems to persist. Curious, I asked the pool staff what their secret was and the answer was simple.

In a beautiful Caribbean accent, he said “we do not use chlorine; we only put natural minerals to keep our pool crystal clear and free from germs”. After I got back home, the first thing I did was some research on natural pool chemicals and was amazed to see how many pool owners are switching from chlorine to eco-friendly choices to maintain their pools.

Seeing this made me curious to know if my company had caught onto the trend and carried alternative chemical choices; glad to report that In The Swim has a wider variety of eco-friendly and natural pool chemicals than anybody out there, and as always our prices are competitive and budget friendly.


Natural Chemistry Pool Chemicals are made from enzymes and all-natural ingredients. Now that it is almost time to open your pool, you can't go wrong with a Natural Chemistry Hassle Free Start-Up Kit which has Pool Magic, PHOSfree and MetalFree to start your pool off right!

For a complete system, look at Natural Chemistry's Water Treatment System that cleans your water and keeps your pool surfaces stain free. If you use a salt water chlorine generator, try the Salt Water Magic Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack.

Want an acid-free pool stabilizer? Treat your pool water to Instant Pool Water Conditioner with a pool friendly pH to stabilize the chlorine in your swimming pool to protect it from the degrading effects of direct sunlight.

Enzyme and phosphate removal chemicals take a big load off of your sanitizer and filter, breaking down oils and organics, and preventing algae growth - naturally!


Pool Frog Mineral Purifiers use a combination of natural minerals to clean your water and eliminate algae and bacteria. Nature 2 Mineral Purifiers are another excellent choice when you are looking at chlorine-free chemicals. These innovative sanitizers use a cartridge of minerals to destroy bacteria and provide a gentle, natural way to keep pool water clean and healthy.

You still need to shock the pool with chlorine to initialize the 6 month mineral cartridge, and use a low amount of constant chlorine (0.5 ppm), to keep the water sanitary - but it can cut reliance on chlorine by over 50%.

Mineral treatment is one of the most popular and easiest ways to reduce your chlorine use. In addition to Frog and Nature2, Pool Rx is a new type, just drop it into your skimmer basket, for 6 month mineral purification.


This is a company that makes clarifiers from ground up crab shells, which contains chitin, a natural clarifier of the seas. They started 20 yrs ago, with one product, their chitin pool clarifier, which was so natural, that trade show reps would actually drink shots of it at their booth, to the delight of show attendees.

Since then, they've added enzyme products, such as SeaKlear Free & Klear, and a powerful bacteria-eating product called SeaKlear PRS,  or Particle Removal System, absolutely the best pool clarifier there is - great for clearing up pools in spring, or helping pool filters that are old or a little too small.


A proprietary blend of minerals, clarifiers and pH balancers stop algae growth without using herbicides and algaecides. Reduces chlorine use while clarifying and buffering.

In addition to the Eclipse3 algae control, the company also produces the natural Enforce scale & stain remover, to prevent and remove mineral scale and metallic stains in your pool. Emerge non-chlorine shock completes the Eclipse3 system of pool care, allowing you to be completely chlorine free, like that wonderful pool on my vacation.


Nuvo is an ultraviolet light treatment system for swimming pools. Just plumb in the UV chamber into your return line, and plug it in to any grounded outlet. As the water passes through, it is bathed in UV light, sterilizing the water by disrupting the DNA in microorganisms. The result is pool water that has been sterilized to remove nearly all pathogenic substances like mold, viruses and bacteria.

Nuvo UV systems are not a stand alone product, but can be combined with low levels of chlorine, or use it in conjunction with one or more of the other products on this page, and you could go completely chlorine free!


Del Ozonators are recognized worldwide as the leaders in ozone treatment for pools or drinking water. Ozone generators kill bacteria, molds, fungus and viruses while also breaking up oils, solids, algae other contaminants in the water – and without any chlorine smell, or fading of swimsuits!

Del ozonators produce ozone with a corona discharge method, and then pump the gas through a small hose and injection fitting, right into the return line. The pump has to be operating for an ozonator to work, and once it reaches the pool, it quickly gasses off the surface. For this reason, it's not usually considered a standalone sanitation system for most pools, unless it's combined with mineral purifiers or a small amount of chlorine and regular shocking with either chlorine or non-chlorine pool shock.

Not sure if you are already on the natural pool chemicals band wagon or are thinking of climbing on, but either way you will find a lot of options in our Chlorine-Free & Alternative Pool Chemicals department.

Enjoy a sparkling pool without red watery eyes, itchy skin, stiff hair, or bleached swimsuits. Open and operate your pool with some eco-friendly pool chemicals and natural purification systems and have a better swimming season!

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