HORIZON VENTURES - Poly Tarp for Solar Blanket Protection

Item No. MASTER-SKU289
Item No. MASTER-SKU289
HORIZON VENTURES  Poly Tarp for Solar Blanket Protection
$20.99 - $33.99

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Extend Your Solar Blanket's Life with a Poly Tarp

Designed to cover your solar blanket when it's rolled up on its reel, the Poly Tarp is the perfect way to extend your pool blanket's life. The tarp's woven fabric wraps around the cover and is fastened with Velcro straps, effectively shielding the cover from high winds, inclement weather and UV damage.

The Poly Tarp is 40 inches wide and available in lengths from 16 to 28 feet to fit most pool solar covers. Its durable fabric is tear-resistant and weatherproof, ensuring your solar blanket is well-protected regardless of stormy conditions. Ultimately, protecting your solar blanket will reduce the cost of its replacement but will also keep your pool costs lower, as the solar blanket reduces heat loss and chemical evaporation.

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