GIGIT INC. - One-Way Winterization Pool Valve, 1.5" Wall Plug

Item No. 401237 | Manufacturer SKU: B216
Item No. 401237 | Manufacturer SKU: B216
GIGIT INC  One-Way Winterization Pool Valve 1.5 Wall Plug

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Winterize Without Having To Drain Your Pool

This revolutionary pool valve has a unique one-way design to keep water from entering the return lines. There's no longer a need to partially or completely drain your pool to clear the water out of your pipes -- instead, replace your "eyeball" return fitting with this one-way valve, drain the water from the lines, fill them with antifreeze and rest assured that they won't refill with water and freeze over the winter.

Compatible with the Aquador skimmer cover for winterization, this valve lets you blow out the return lines while it's installed. Featuring a durable, Buna-N O-ring, this winterization valve fits 1-1/2-in. threaded wall returns and pool cleaner fittings and won't deteriorate or move like rubber plugs. Great for in-ground and above-ground pools alike, this winter pool valve will save valuable time and water during your winterization process.

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