Algae-Clear Algaecide

Algae-Clear Algaecide

Algae-Clear Algaecide

Item No. B-Y1512-VAR
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Non-foaming pool algaecide and water clarifier in one! More Details

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Non-foaming pool algaecide and water clarifier in one!
  • Algae Clear is two products in one, providing effective results and great value.
  • Potent formula can be relied on for excellent results.
  • Ideal ally in the battle against swimming pool algae.
  • Dependable control for green, yellow and black algae.
  • Excellent product for achieving and maintaining a clean, clear swimming pool.
  • Available in different quantities.
  • Gives you the most bang for your buck!
  • Effectively kills all types of algae, and then finishes the job by coagulating and removing dead algae and impurities from the water.
  • Non-foaming, non-metallic formula is compatible with Baquacil® and Soft Swim®.
  • Initial Dosage for freshly cleaned pool: 13-24 oz. per 10,000 gallons.
  • Initial Dosage for freshly cleaned spa, whirlpool or hot tub: 1-2 fluid oz. per 1,000 gallons.



Algae Clear is a non-staining, non-foaming and non-metallic algaecide effective against all types of algae. Additionally it is an effective pool clarifier.

Algae Clear will eliminate the algae, then remove dead algae to give a more clear pool water. Eliminates green, black and yellow algae from pool water. Reduce algae problems with this Algae Clear!

First, Algae Clear for pool water kills algae and then it coagulates and removes the dead algae for cleaner, purified swimming pool water. In other words, using Algae Clear is like using two products in one. As a result, this powerful pool algaecide provides pool owners with remarkable value as well as an effective weapon against all types of algae. As a final step, we recommend using our Granular Filter Cleaner, to flush out filter sand or cartridges of tiny algae spores.

While Algae Clear for pool water will effectively eradicate green, yellow and black algae from swimming pools, it will not have any negative side effects. Specially formulated to prevent staining and clouding, Algae Clear is simply an all-around excellent product.