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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Winter Pool Covers and Pool Closing Kits

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The perfect winter pool cover for your above ground pool or inground swimming pool is one that will fit perfectly, deliver the performance and durability you expect and meet your purchase price requirements. In The Swim offers winter pool covers bundled with pool closing chemical kits for added convenience and savings. In The Swim Pool Closing Kits are designed to have the right amount of winter pool chemicals to treat your swimming pool. Winter pool covers with pool closing kit bundles include everything needed to help close your swimming pool hassle-free this year.

Order by Pool Size

All of our Winter Pool Covers are listed by pool size, length x width, inside edge to inside edge. All of our Round, Oval and Rectangle winter pool covers are designed to have a generous overlap (this is done to accommodate an 18" water drop for winter).

Order by Price & Performance

We offer 5 grades of solid floating winter covers from good to great, each one featuring improvements in materials and construction, a longer warranty, and also a higher price. Choose the winter pool cover that gives you the best balance between cost and cover lifespan.

Good - Economy Winter Pool Covers - 8 yr limited warranty
Better - Pro-Strength Polar Winter Pool Covers - 10 yr limited warranty
Better - Pro-Strength Polar Plus Winter Pool Covers - 12 yr limited warranty
Better - Pro-Strength Super Polar Plus Winter Pool Covers - 16 yr limited warranty
Great - Polar Protector Winter Pool Covers - 20 yr limited warranty

Pool Closing Kits for Hassle-Free Pool Closing

We have the best Pool Closing Kits and Winter Pool Chemicals to winterize and close your pool for the winter season. In The Swim Pool Closing Kits are right-sized for any swimming pool. Winter Pool Closing Kits include important pool closing chemicals such as Non-Chlorine Shock, Winterizer Algaecide, Winter Stain Away, a Chlorine-Free Winter Pool Floater, and a Winter Sorb Oil and Scum Absorber. Using an In The Swim Pool Closing Kit to close your pool this fall will help ensure for a quick pool opening next spring.

Bundle & Save!

Our winter pool cover and pool closing kit bundles provide savings and convenience to help make closing your swimming pool easier. In The Swim Pool Closing Kits will make sure your pool water is treated and ready for the off-season. Using one of our Pro-Strength Winter Pool Covers will protect your swimming pool from the harsh winter elements. Close your pool with ease this year with a Winter Pool Cover with Pool Closing Kit Bundle!

In The Swim is proud to offer quality swimming pool covers and pool closing kits for any pool! If you have any questions about our winter pool covers, please email or call us at 1-800-288-7946.