Best Time of Year to Paint a Pool

Spring has always been the favored season to re-paint the pool. But recently, we've heard from long-time customers that they have found spring weather to be uncooperative in recent years.

Wet weather is no friend to pool painting. Indeed, rain, wind and cool temps can all thwart the best intentions of applying a new ceramic-like finish to an in-ground concrete pool.

autumn leaf shown, Maple leaf

Because the last three springs have been downright soggy, we are now proclaiming early fall or autumn if you wish, to be the best time of year to paint a swimming pool.

According to Tom Skilling, chief meteorologist at WGN-TV in Chicago, "Spring is the rainiest season of the year as measured by the number of days with precipitation... not just in Chicago, but across most of the northern hemisphere."

Is Weather so Important for Pool Painting?

painting a pool

Well, not if you have an indoor pool, then the best time may be nearly anytime of year, as long as low temperatures are above 50°, and humidity levels are below 50%.

And if you use our Acrylic pool paints, you can apply the paint on a damp surface, so then wet weather won't bother you.

But, if you want to paint with the longest lasting pool paint - Epoxy pool paints, which can last up to 7-years - you really need a solid week of mostly dry and sunny weather.

Pools Need a Week of Dry Time

acid wash

After you prep the pool (drain, TSP wash, acid wash), the surface needs to dry for 3-4 days, to not just remove surface moisture, but water held inside of tiny voids and fissures in the concrete or plaster surface.

Then after painting, which only takes half-a-day, you need another 3-4 days of solid dry-time before you can fill the pool, for best results.

If you short change the dry-time before painting, trapped moisture can cause blistering and peeling within weeks or months. And if the dry-time after painting is cut short, it can affect the durability and lifespan of your paint job.

September Sweet Spot

September is the perfect month of the year to paint a pool, according to Dr. Pool, who I like to consult on matters of chemistry and engineering, and also weather apparently.

"When the [pool] season is done, but before the leaves begin to fall, September offers clear skies and sunny days, and along with October, the driest months of the year in most US regions." says Dr. Pool.

And temperature and humidity levels tend to also be optimum for pool painting, not too hot and not too cool, with steady dry breezes. "Just do it before the leaves start to fly", joked Dr. Pool.

So, get out your overalls and old shoes (mask and rubber gloves are optional), and give your pool a fresh coat of paint this fall.

Your pool will look like new next spring, and be ready to go with a new surface finish. See all of our pool painting products, and take advantage of year end clearance pricing!

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