Awesome Pool Fence Design Ideas

5 ways to Design a Safe and Attractive Pool Fence

From a design perspective, pool fencing can present some challenges. How can you comply with the very specific country requirements, without it looking uninviting? How can a pool fence design keep the pool safe, but at the same time, not fence-in the beauty of the pool?

If you have the money to spend on your pool fence project, you can explore some of the more expensive options below. For many people, the fence expense comes at the end of a costly inground pool project.

Even without spending loads of money, you can improve the appearance and safety of your pool fence, by thinking about these 5 pool fence ideas.

1. Cool pool fence styles

This pool has a super safe secondary internal pool fence, made of glass. On the far side, a stone retaining wall allows for planting of tall and fast growing trees, to hide the property fence line.

Ultra modern and ultra sleek. Rod Fences use only vertical members without horizontal rails. They provide great visibility and are perfect for a secondary safety fence, to separate the pool from patio or backyard.

For the most in privacy and protection, this pool fence uses standard and affordable T-111 plywood, nailed to 4x4 posts. Can be 6 or 7 ft tall, painted any color you wish. It can be a stark focal point, soften with plantings and evergreens.

2. Make use of Different Materials

Vinyl fencing is popular, durable and affordable. Here we have a mix of two styles of fencing, with the smaller picket fence mounted on a small stone wall. Interior stone walls provide planter beds and water features.

Stained matrix fence panels provide a nice backdrop for the waterfall feature, with the overhanging pine tree softening the view. On the opposite side, this pool owner has mixed in a 6 ft tall black aluminum fence.

3. Integrate a Wall into the Fence line

The tall stacked stone retaining wall, fits perfectly with the old world style of this safe and attractive pool fence. Windows allow some light through and the trellis and pillars offer a nice place to sit and relax.

This pool fence design takes inspiration from the home's mission style to create another perfect "end-cap" for the pool, which then blends into a tall, stained wood fence.

OK, this wall is actually 3 walls, with a large fireplace and roof - a little bit more involved! Cabanas don't have to be this well built, a simple, solid frame and comfortable seating is all that's required.

4. Hide your pool fence with plants and bushes

Mediterranean style Pergola. Vinyl columns and pergola rafters wrap this pool, bringing shade. The pool fence uses lattice panels which support climbing plants. In 5 years, the walls and rafters can be nearly covered. Trims easily.

You may not wish to hide this beautiful brick wall too much, but covering the lower half certainly softens the stark effect. To contrast with the brick pool fence, this pool owner used a clapboard style of siding, stained with a neutral, weathered tone.

Standard aluminum pool fencing and gate are raised up above the plane of the pool, making them very noticeable, until these groups of decorative grasses came in to provide a year around solution to a raised pool fence.

Another aluminum pool fence idea. When pool fences are placed downhill of the pool, by terracing or grading away from the pool, they become less visible. In this case, quick growing evergreen cypress eclipses the pool fence.

5. Use small walls with fences

This very modern pool fence design starts with a low solid wall, likely a cinder block construction, with stone veneer. The poured concrete capstone helps further secure the stainless steel (or wood) vertical rods or slats, angled to create varied views.

Lots of stuff going on here. Raised walls around the pool are capped with vertical slats to provide a safe and modern pool fence design. Be sure to check with your local inspector first for any of these innovative pool fence styles.

Strong corner pillars and raised wall allows for a shorter aluminum pool fence, and adds a sturdy feel to this fence.

So then, your Top 4 Takeaways for our pool fence discussion are:

  1. Blend fence styles, designs and materials.
  2. Use plants and bushes to hide sections of fencing
  3. Use low walls for a more attractive pool fence.
  4. Add wall facades or simple structures within the fence line.

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