AquaJogger Pool Fitness Routines


This year, get more out of your pool. Fitness and health is the best benefit of pool ownership, are you getting enough of both?

I love my Aquajogger pool fitness gear. It makes it easy to get a low impact water aerobics workout, while keeping my head above water!

The AquaJogger Fitness System provides the perfect equipment to make your pool workouts more effective! Pool Noodles are also used for a number of easy pool fitness exercises.

 Water Exercise equipment

Delta Bells


First on my list of water aerobics gear are these foam Delta Bells, whose triangular edges create a variable resistance in the water. Strengthens upper body and provides support for lower body and abdomen water workouts.



Aqua Runners give me extra floatation, while creating additional resistance for my leg workouts. I think that their best feature however, is that they also protect feet and nails from rough pool surfaces. Adjustable in two directions for comfortable fit.

AquaJogger Belt


The Aqua Jogger belt is the core piece of water exercise equipment, it helps hold you upright through your water workout. It's made of a soft and comfortable foam that doesn't stick to your skin. Patented contoured design won't bind or pinch. Sizes (and colors) for Adults and Kids.

Water Exercise Routines

There are so many great pool workouts you can do with the Aqua Jogger system! Here's a collection of some of my favorite water exercises to do with the AquaJogger water fitness gear.

Abdominal Water Exercises



Jack Knife: Seated in the water, as though you were ready to begin water skiing, with toes and shoulders out of the water. In quick motion, thrust your chest toward your knees, while also raising your ankles toward your head. Keep your legs and back as straight as you can.

Obliques: Supporting yourself with your Delta Bells, arms fully extended, pull your legs up to your chest, while twisting your body. Keeping your knees and ankles together, return vertical and then pull up your knees and twist to the other side.


Double Knee Tuck: This water exercise is similar to the Obliques movement above, but the knees are drawn up towards the chin. Hold the position for a few seconds and slowly release to a fully vertical position. Repeat the exercise as much as you comfortably can.

Arm Water Workoutsaquajogger-bicyle-arms

Bicycle Arms: Good for toning up arms, and to get the heart rate racing. Vigorously roll the delta bells forward, one over top of the other, simulating a bicycle motion. Reverse direction to pull Delta Bells toward you. Then reverse your hand hold, with your palms and wrists facing up. Roll again in both directions.


Punch-Down: As simple as it looks - keeping back and shoulders straight, punch down on one side, while pulling up on the opposite side. An alternate form of this water exercise is the Punch-Out, where the arms are in front of you, punching in a forward direction.


Touch Front - Touch Back:
This water aerobic exercise has you touch the Delta Bells in front of your body, followed by touching them together behind your body. Repeat as many times as you can do comfortably.

Leg Water Workouts


Cross Country Ski: In this water exercise, the body is vertical and legs and arms are straight. Scissor kick your legs forward and backward from the hip, leading with your toes. The motion is similar to Cross Country Skiing.


Sit Kicks: This water aerobics move involves both arms and legs, and there should be a lot of water movement around you. From a sitting position, alternate with each leg, kicking all the way forward and all the way back. At the same time, bring hands to your chest and then open all the way up.


Open-Close: This move is similar to a jumping-jack done on dry land, but without all of the jarring effects. It should be done very rapidly, extending the arms up and the legs out at the same time. Using Delta Bells and AquaRunners increases the resistance and difficulty level.

Other Water Workouts

Water Running and Walking


The most common of pool exercises is simply Water Running and Walking. The AquaJogger belt helps keep your body elevated in the water and supports your back. This gives you optimal posture and range to run in place in your pool. The extra resistance of the water will make running much more intense than if you were to run outside of the pool. Amp-up your water jogging workout by wearing the AquaRunner footwear!


Tires - Leg Water Workout


Tone and strengthen your legs with the Tires exercise; a move that imitates doing drills of hopping through tires in a boot camp. Keep your posture straight and your arms horizontal. Then, with your legs turned out and feet out, alternate pushing down with each leg and quickly pulling your leg back up. The AquaRunner footwear will amplify this workout by making it harder for you to push and pull your legs.

Breast Stroke Arms Water Workout

A great exercise to work those shoulder and chest muscles is the Breast Stroke Arms water routine. With the use of the foam DeltaBells, you can create extra resistance while moving your arms through the water. Hold the DeltaBells out in front of your body, extending your arms all the way out. Keep your elbows straight. Sweep your arms out to your sides. Return your arms back in front of you and repeat.

Bicep Curls Exercise

Feel the burn in your arms by utilizing the DeltaBells to do Curls. DeltaBells provide the perfect amount of resistance you need to tone your arms. Their triangular shape is designed so that you can control how much resistance you are comfortable with. To do a proper set of curls, keep your elbows bent and your upper arms held straight down at your sides. Alternate pulling the weights down into the water and lifting them back up. You can choose to grip the weights palm up or palm down.

These are some of my favorite pool workout routines. AquaJogger water exercise equipment comes with a manual including over 60 different pool exercises.

So, make a resolution this year - to do more with your pool than look at it. Swimming and water exercise are some of the best forms of exercise you can find - and it's right in your own backyard!

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