In The Swim - Ultimate Winterizing Pool Chemical Kit

In The Swim  Ultimate Winterizing Pool Chemical Kit

In The Swim - Ultimate Winterizing Pool Chemical Kit

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Ultimate Pool Closing Kit keeps your swimming pool free from algae all winter long! More Details

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Ultimate Pool Closing Kit keeps your swimming pool free from algae all winter long!
  • Formulated for all pool types up to 35,000 gallons. For larger pools, add one of our small pool closing kits.
  • Contains NO chlorine, so it is safe to use with vinyl pool liners.
  • Time-release winter pool floater dispenses a unique oxidizer which eliminates carbon dioxide from the pool water, starving algae of its main food source.
  • Also includes Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring & Fall with Phos Free to remove phosphates.
  • Ultimate Winter Pool Kit includes:
    * 1 quart Natural Chemistry Metal Free
    * 3 lbs. Chlorine-Free Winter Pool Shock
    * 1 Time-Release Winter Pool Floater filled with 4 lbs. of non-chlorine oxidizer
    * 1 quart Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring & Fall with Phos Free
    * 1 Winter SorbTM oil absorbing pool sponge.
  • The Ultimate Chlorine Free Winter Pool Kit is our most complete and best winter kit for your pool.

The Ultimate Winter Pool Kit - Large Pool Closing Kits are guaranteed to work or your money back!


Formulated for pools up to 35,000 gallons, the Ultimate Pool Winterizing Kit from In the Swim are designed to save you money with a cleaner opening pool - all of our winter closing kits are chlorine free and safer for the environment.

After a long winter, cheaper pool closing kits will run out of chemicals, leaving your pool water unprotected when the water warms up in the spring. Other kits don't pack the powerful punch of the Ultimate Winter Pool Kit and may leave your pool water unsafe for swimming when it comes time to open again.

The Ultimate winterizing pool chemical kit removes the carbon dioxide in the pool water, and makes it unusable by algae as a food source. Other active ingredients in the Ultimate winter kit remove phosphates and nitrates from your pool. This means spring opening is easier, and you can enjoy swimming sooner. The ultimate pool closing kit is a complete pool winterizing kit that includes everything you need including easy to follow instructions to prepare your pool for the winter.

Use the ultimate winter kit on all pool types, up to 35,000 gallons - for smaller pools you get more protection against damaged pool covers or warm springtime temperatures. If your pool is larger, add another Ultimate Closing Kit, or add one of our small pool winter kits, available at low prices.

Protect your pool this year with the Ultimate Winter Pool Closing Kit. You'll pay a little more up front, but spend less time and money opening in the spring. Especially effective for pools with long off-seasons, or for mesh safety covered pools that open green every year.

Ultimate Winter Pool Closing Kit Use Instructions:

  • Before Closing your Pool, remove all dirt and debris.
  • Kill any algae, brush and vacuum dead algae from pool.
  • Adjust pH level to 7.2-7.5, and chlorine level to 2-3ppm.
  • Lower pool water level to proper winter level.
  • Add Pool Magic Spring & Fall plus Phos Free; follow label instructions.
  • Add Metal Free; follow label instructions.
  • Add Winter Chlorine Free Shock, according to label.
  • Poke holes in Winter Pool Floater, place in the pool.
  • Place the Winter Sorb in pool, to soak up and digest oils.
  • Cover pool quickly and tightly. Repair any cover holes.
  • Prevent leaves and debris from blowing under pool cover.
  • Winterize your pool plumbing and equipment.

Make sure that the pool water is cleaned, balanced before adding the winterizing kit to the water. It is recommended to close the pool when the water temperature is below 65 degrees.


Product Type: Pool Chemical
Chemical Type: Kit
Kit Type: Closing Kit
Pool Size: Up to 35,000 Gallons
Product Dimensions: 8.8" Width x 13.5" Length x 8.7" Height
Product Weight: 14.255 lbs.