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Zodiac Nature 2 cartridges are great, affordable ways to filter your pool and spa without using harsh chemicals. In the Swim carries mineral purifiers and replacement cartridges, along with spa purifiers, at great, low prices. The revolutionary Zodiac Nature 2 express mineral purifiers use minerals, greatly reducing the need for chlorine, to sanitize your pool. The minerals destroy bacteria in your pool’s regular filtration cycle without skin and eye irritation like from chlorine. For above ground pools and in ground pools, the Nature 2 express mineral purifiers also save you money while sanitizing your pool. Zodiac Nature 2 mineral purifier replacement cartridges work with Zodiac mineral purifiers to sanitize your pool and make it look crystal clear to enjoy. The mineral purifier cartridges contain a natural way to kill bacteria, and they are safe for swimmers and the environment. Perfect for above ground pools and in ground pools, these mineral cartridges reduce the need for chlorine and will not sting your eyes or bleach your hair like chlorine. Find the best prices on the natural way to purify your pool at In the Swim. We carry the Zodiac Nature 2 mineral purifiers and replacement cartridges at great values you won’t get anywhere else.