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Intermatic timer parts, are factory first quality replacement parts for Intermatic pool pump timers. Find genuine Intermatic spares like trippers, mechanisms, motors and useful pool timer accessories.

35 results

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Using an Intermatic swimming pool timer makes good sense, because most pool filter systems don't need to run the pump 24 hours per day. Intermatic pool timers allow you to set specific run-times for your pool filter pump, booster pump, and waterfall pump, so they operate at the most convenient time, or during non-peak energy hours. Pool timers can also be used to automatically turn on/off pool lights or other outdoor lighting around the pool.

Sure you can just replace the entire Intermatic Time Clock when parts are needed, but why spend the extra cash when genuine Intermatic replacement parts are available here and now. We carry the most common parts for Intermatic pool timers, and several of the not-so-common parts as well.

Most Popular Intermatic Pool Time Clock Parts

Timer Dogs - also called trippers, clips that will switch the timer on/off. Sold as a set of two, one On + one Off.

Timer Motors - Intermatic clock motors turn the gears of the timeclock, and can be replaced without buying an entire mechanism.

Timer Mechanism - the entire time clock, without the box, including timer dogs. Available in 110V or 220V, mechanical or digital.

Fireman's Switch - for pools with a gas heater, the Fireman's Switch shuts off the heater 20 minutes before the pump, for heater cool down.

Freeze Sensors - are used with the PE153 Digital timeclock, and can turn on the pump at low temperatures.

Insulator Cover - Plastic Insulator covers the wire terminals, to prevent electric shock when reaching into the clock.