Wall Skimmer Parts

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321 Results
Pool Skimmer Parts, including skimmer baskets, lids, collars, weirs and useful pool skimmer accessories, to fit American, Baker, Hayward, Jacuzzi, Pac-Fab, Purex and Sta-Rite swimming pool skimmers.

Pool Skimmers are simple devices, and repairs to pool skimmers are not difficult tasks. Most skimmer repairs aren't actually repairs at all, but simple skimmer parts replacement. New lid or cover, basket or weir being the most common skimmer parts replaced.

Common Skimmer Repairs:

Skimmer Weir Replacement: Skimmer Weirs perform an important function, to speed-up water as it enters the skimmer, and to trap leaves in the skimmer when the pump is off. Replace your skimmer weir if broken, using the OEM weir door, or with aftermarket spring loaded skimmer weirs made by Pentair.

Skimmer Lid Replacement: Cracked or broken skimmer lids create a hazard of possibly breaking under foot, leading to painful and possibly serious injury. Missing skimmer covers present the same problem. Find your skimmer parts page to locate the correct fitting skimmer cover.

Skimmer Basket Replacement: Cracked or split Skimmer Baskets allow leaves to bypass and clog up the pump basket. If heavy leaves are cracking your skimmer baskets in autumn, check out the SkimPro skimmer baskets with Tower, or the FlowSkim basket handle, and put a stop to cracked skimmer baskets.

Gaskets, Faceplates and Screws: For vinyl liner pools, skimmers are gasketed on both sides of the liner with a faceplate and screws to cinch the assembly tight against the wall. In the event of a leaking vinyl pool skimmer, or when replacing your pool liner, new gaskets and faceplates are recommended, to make a positive seal on both sides of the pool liner.

Entire Skimmer Replacement

For in-ground pools, replacing the entire skimmer is a large task in most cases, where the skimmer body is encased in concrete and rebar, and covered with a concrete pool deck. Tools required include a large diameter concrete saw and a jack hammer to excavate and free the skimmer from the pool wall. The cost of inground pool skimmers is under $100 - but the labor cost can be $1500. Pool Putty and other epoxy sealants can be used to repair cracked skimmers, to avoid inground skimmer replacement.

For above-ground pools however, replacing the entire skimmer is an ordinary task for most handy homeowners. The skimmer is simply screwed to the wall, and gasketed on both sides of the wall. New skimmers for above ground pools come with all screws, gaskets and faceplates, and are affordably priced at under $30 in most cases. Use a #3 Phillips head screwdriver or tip on your cordless drill to remove/install faceplate screws, and a #3 flat head for the wall attachment screws. Vinyl pool skimmer faceplate screws should be very tight when installed.

Skimmer Accessories

Although they may qualify as skimmer parts, skimmer accessories are available for added control or convenience. Some accessories are listed on our skimmer parts pages, such as diverters for inground pools that have the main drain plumbed into the second hole in the skimmer. Skim-Vac plates are a popular skimmer accessory that allows you to vacuum into the skimmer basket, instead of the smaller and less convenient to empty pump basket. We also have the Skim-It, a very popular arm that attaches to the skimmer, reaching out into the pool, to capture leaves as they pass by, and the Skim Bag skimmer filter, to trap very small debris such as dust and pollen, before it reaches the filter.