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Pool skimmers help grab floating dirt, debris and bugs from your pool water and send them to the pool filter. It’s a big job to do, and Hayward pool skimmers are the best at it. In the Swim carries a variety of Hayward pool skimmers at great prices for above ground and in ground pools. The Hayward 2-inch in ground pool skimmer is great for fiberglass and vinyl pools and adjusts to pool water levels. The Hayward 2-inch pool skimmer is also moves the most water to the filter and pump. Other Hayward pool skimmers are 1.5 inch, including a widemouth in ground pool skimmer and Hayward pool auto skimmer. These pool skimmers are designed for fiberglass and vinyl pools. If you’re looking for a pool skimmer for a concrete pool, the Hayward 1.5 inch in ground auto-skimmer for concrete pools is for you. Priced at a great value, this pool skimmer has pipe threads for versatility and ease of use, and allows for vertical adjustment during installation. In the Swim is the first place you should look to when in need of pool supplies and pool equipment such as Hayward pool skimmers. We always offer the best prices and top-notch customer service.