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25 Results

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Oval Solar Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

Oval solar pool covers for above ground swimming pools are a popular, economically friendly choice when it comes to reducing water evaporation and heat loss for many pool owners. In The Swim has a great selection of solar covers for pools with Standard, Premium, Premium Plus and Ultra models. In The Swim solar pool covers feature varying colors and pool cover thicknesses including 8 mil, 12 mil and 16 mil.

In The Swim Solar Pool Covers

The In The Swim Standard 8 mil solar pool cover is the lowest cost pool cover option. The Standard 8 Mil solar pool cover will provide excellent pool water heating from the sun and easy removal with its lighter weight, but will not have as great of longevity when compared to other thicker mil solar pool covers. In The Swim carries two 12 mil solar pool cover options with the Premium and Premium Plus solar cover types. These solar pool covers are both 12 mil in thickness, providing more heat retention and durability than the Standard 8 mil pool solar cover. The Premium solar pool cover comes in an all-blue color while the Premium Plus solar pool cover features a blue topside and a black underside, increasing the solar heating capability. But if you are looking for the most sunlight absorption and greatest longevity, then the Ultra 16 mil gray solar pool cover is the ideal pool cover choice for you.

There are numerous benefits when you use a solar pool cover to heat your above ground pool. Swimming pool solar covers help hold in the heat absorbed from the sun during the day. This will keep the pool water warmer and help reduce heating costs, allowing you to enjoy and swim in your pool more days in the year. Solar Covers are also great to have on your pool in the spring, which will help the pool water temperature increase more quickly so you can get into the pool and enjoy swimming earlier.

To help make taking your solar pool cover on and off your above ground pool more hassle-free, we recommend using a Solar Pool Cover Reel which are available for both inground pool and above ground pools.

If you are looking for an alternative to an oval solar pool cover, Solar Sun Rings are an excellent way to heat up your pool water and are easier to handle for a single person as each Solar Sun Ring is 5 ft. in diameter. The manufacturer recommends a minimum of 60% pool coverage, or one Solar Sun Ring for every 50 square feet of surface area for optimal performance.