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More About Lifeguard Equipment

The best way to prevent pool-related emergencies from turning into tragedies is to ensure that there is always proper supervision and lifeguard equipment near at hand. Amongst In the Swim's full line of swimming pool lifeguard equipment, customers can find a wide variety of tools and safety accessories that can assist with rescues and supervision. Offering high quality lifeguard equipment at competitive prices, In the Swim is a reliable, outstanding online source for swimming pool safety equipment and lifeguard equipment.

In the Swim's extensive line of lifeguard equipment includes products designed to assist lifeguards in the rescue of unconscious swimmers or swimmers experiencing trouble. We offer single victim and multi-victim rescue tubes and life rings which can be thrown to struggling swimmers or used for towing victims. Designed to never lose their buoyancy, our Rescue Tubes feature detachable side belts and quick-release buckles. Other lifeguard equipment designed to help with rescues includes our lightweight yet durable Rescue Cans, ideal for lifeguard patrol, and our rugged life hooks which have been specially designed for maximized safety.

We also offer a variety of swimming pool lifeguard equipment that can be used for victims requiring resuscitation and/or immobilization. Our Philips Heartstart onsite defibrillator feature clear-voice narration to guide the user through each step. For the immobilization of victims, In the Swim offers lifeguard equipment like the sturdy, yet lightweight, immobilizing spineboard to keep victims stable and safe as they are transported.

As with all products at In the Swim, our swimming pool lifeguard equipment is of excellent quality and yet is available at economical, competitive prices. The outstanding combination of quality and value is what makes In the Swim your number one source for swimming pool and lifeguard equipment.