Intex Inflatable Kiddie Pools

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Intex Inflatable Family and Kiddie Pools are Perfect for a Fast, Refreshing Splash

Intex inflatable family pools are an affordable, carefree way to enjoy a refreshing splash in the pool throughout the summer. Whether you use them as a wading pool, kiddie pool or for the whole family to enjoy, even fido can get in on the fun. An inflatable pool has great advantages over a more permanent, traditional pool in your back yard.

An inflatable pool can be set up and filled with water from the garden hose in just minutes, providing a fun, cool place for kids and adults to enjoy. When you’re done, you can simply deflate the pool and the water will drain automatically, or leave it set up for a couple days for a spur-of-the-moment splash too cool off.

Another advantage deals with space. Inflatable pools tend to be smaller, making them ideal for smaller back yards or even side yards while providing plenty of space for multiple kids to enjoy. Adults will find that these types of pools can also be relaxing, providing a space to soak and relax in the water without having to worry about continued maintenance or storing the pool when the season is over.

In the Swim carries many different types, shapes and sizes of Intex inflatable pools, and some of them, like our 18 ft. round Easy Set deluxe pool are big enough for practicing swimming as well as pool parties.