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In-floor pool cleaners use a 5 or 6 port valve that pushes filtered water to 5 or 6 sets of floor and step pop-up heads. Working sequentially, the pop-up jets push dirt and debris toward drains and skimmers. But only when working well! Find water valve parts and pop-up head parts here.

72 results

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In-floor pool cleaner replacement parts may be needed if your pop-up heads are not cycling in correct order, or when pressure rises and falls suddenly on the filter or water valve gauge. Use our exploded view of all interconnecting pieces to help identify nozzles, pop-ups, water valve and head unit parts, and to aid in getting all the pieces back together - with none left over!

Troubleshooting in-floor cleaner systems starts with good water flow from the pool pump and filter. Reduced flow from dirty baskets, filters and strainers will reduce water volume flowing to the water valve and to the pop-up heads. Missing nozzles or pop-ups can allow too much water to flow out of one floor jet, leaving nearly no water flow for other pop-ups in that set of jets.

Other common issues that may require in-floor cleaner parts center around the many toothed gears, washers and spacers found inside the head unit. Small grains of sand or debris can keep the gears from turning, or cause damage or misalignment. Easy enough to inspect, just remove the clamp band and lid and pull out the gear assembly.

Be careful when reassembling to replace all parts in the correct order, and be certain that the lid o-ring and clamp band are securely attached to prevent dangerous eruption of the water valve lid when it is placed under pressure.